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[Empire]Frost is looking for more "chilled" players.

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[Empire]Frost is looking for more "chilled" players.

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06.06.2020 , 12:48 PM | #1
Frost/Frostbite is a social guild, with lots of fun and lots of dying. (literally we need healers ) overall i would describe our guild is a place where you come to chill. have some fun conversation, relax and do some story, or if you want to progress, we do occasional heroics, flashpoints, world bosses and many other guild events, not long ago we did a fist fighting contest and a conquest one.

of course we have bonuses, and we were second on the small yield invasion last week, but that's irrelevant, what is relevant to us, is that you feel that you have found your place with us.

All kinds of players are welcome, new players. old timers, veterans, males females, unicorns, half-lings, lazy potatoes, and many more in fact too much to have it all listed.

We have around 300 members(The republic guild has the minimum 4 members for now), a lot of them are alts, yes alts are welcome, as many as you like.

sadly our active numbers are not that high, which is why we are in search for ACTIVE members.

Our guild has a Discord server which is not required to join, but strongly advised, as our goal would be to create lasting friendships, and good memories. You can get the link to our server after you joined!

all we ask of our members, is that if you go inactive notify us, for how long will you be gone, so we know, that we can count on you.

one more thing before i end this post, we have really standard rules, respect others, and try to refrain from hurting others in any ways since our goal is to make friends not enemies.

if i sparked your curiosity you can message CelticDemon#2895 on discord.

or in game mail or whisper Vapar(empire) Vapa(republic) Amexey(empire) Celticdemon(empire) Celticshadow(Republic) if i'm not online on either of those i might be on an alt, so just mail me, and i'll see it eventually!

May the force serve you well on your journeys.