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5.10 or any Updated Anni Mara guide

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Sentinel / Marauder
5.10 or any Updated Anni Mara guide

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03.09.2019 , 07:58 PM | #1
Hello, Guys. I am making an anni mara toon from scratch. Can any one suggest any good and updated guide on this spec. Oh I have Fury and Carnage mara toon so dont bother telling to switch up.
Also, pvp focused guide is more appreciated but others will do as well. Thanks in advance.
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zorngodofall's Avatar

03.09.2019 , 09:13 PM | #2
You want to run carnage or fury for pvp stuff. Anni has cleanseable dots and it only shines in WZ's where you can effectively have a ton of dot spread of have a lot of uptime with said dots. Anni does better overall in pve related things but it's advisable to run both anni and carnage depending on the fight for pve things.

The dulfy guides for 5.0 shouldn't have changed much, that or any of vulks would work well

xMaranathax's Avatar

03.12.2019 , 11:59 AM | #3
I am looking for a guide as well. Vulkk's is decent.

As far as cleansible DoTs, that is no longer the case. No player can cleanse DoTs anymore, but they are purgeable, meaning that Shroud and Resilience will remove them.

This change came back in 3.0. Please see patch notes for further details.

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xMaranathax's Avatar

03.13.2019 , 03:20 PM | #4
Came across a really good guide on Youtube. Check it out when you have the chance. It's beastfury's guide. Voted the best mara in game.

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