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{Opinions} The Problem with PvP that's the good thing about PvP

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{Opinions} The Problem with PvP that's the good thing about PvP

MagesKickass's Avatar

01.27.2012 , 11:36 PM | #1
If you've tried World of Warcraft's PvP, you remember encountering those people with characters built for success in PvP, which were usually rogues. Since SW:tOR is my first heavy taste of MMO play, I wanted to make a PvP character that I would practically ONLY play PvP on, so I got to thinking, what kind of character to make?

I after a few days of browsing the PvP forums of here at, I've come to the conclusion that you can't make a character that excels in every PvP scenario. Why? Because of the drastic different styles of play the warzones have. This isn't to say that you can't make a character who's good or decent in every PvP scenario, or that you can't make a character that excels in one specific scenario, you just can't make one jack-of-all-trades that dominates everything else.

It really depends on what you want your character to be doing in a Warzone that really determines it. If you want to score points for your team, such as carrying the huttball or planting bombs on the voidstar, you have to be a tank, and a damn good one. But if you want to go for kills, you obviously need to be a damn good DPS. What classes are best DPS and tank? That's still being very much so argued about.

Why is this a problem? Well, it kind of hampers the players who are all about PvP, since they can't make a character specifically for PvP and excel at it, and they can't make a character for a specific warzone and only play that warzone.

But why is that a good thing? Because of those of us who aren't PvP buffs. Sometimes, we want a break from PvE and play some Warzones, but that doesn't mean we want to fail at warzones because of all the PvP buffs who have honed and trained and built a character specifically for it. We PvE-ers want to be able to play some PvP and at least stand a chance to have some fun and win, and the entire PvP character dilemma allows that to happen (as long as you keep faction balance out of the equation).

But I think a good compromise for the PvP buffs would be for Bioware to implement that you could choose what Warzone you want to queue up for, rather than just being thrown into a random one. But I think that's something everyone wants.

What do you think?

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paul_preib's Avatar

01.28.2012 , 12:03 AM | #2
It is a nice thought, the current reasoning behind it is to randomize to ensure your queue time is as short as possible. Great idea, but frankly even as someone who is mostly a pve-er while occasionally dabbling into pvp I would be fine with forgoing that 60-90 second queue time in exchange for something that's not huttball on occasion.

I would even be happy with a check/uncheck box so I can queue for multiple ones while just choosing to omit one.

I have no problem with huttball per se, just the fact that roughly 80-90% of all warzones I've queued for end up being that'n.

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01.28.2012 , 12:05 AM | #3
actually you can make a sorcerer and **** face

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01.28.2012 , 08:23 AM | #4
and they can't make a character for a specific warzone and only play that warzone.
You can design a character for Huttball and roll Imperial.

Stealth classes can be good for capturing objectives, especially ones where the fight is elsewhere. They are also good for finding world-PVP fights as you are levelling because stealth makes it easy to head into areas where the enemy is questing -- and lets you get away when the fight you find is too big a group or too high level.

SDFX's Avatar

01.28.2012 , 08:45 AM | #5
The current PVP system is based on an idea of factional warfare. You end up thrown into a same faction hutt ball match when not enough people on the other faction have que'd up for a PVP match of another sort. It would be nice to choose what war zone you play but Bioware's shard (server) populations are so small that it simply isn't practical if you want to have PVP warzones at all...

Same problem in having brackets right now outside of a 50 one.

A cross server warzone matching system might take care of these problems allowing one to choose what zones to play even. Until then, we are stuck with things as they are.