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<Knights of Sokan> SWTOR Podcast!!!

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<Knights of Sokan> SWTOR Podcast!!!

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05.06.2015 , 09:33 AM | #1
Hello SWTOR Forums!!! I'm Trennic from the Knights of Sokan on Ebon Hawk. Just a little background; We are an all Light SIde Jedi RP guild that holds to Star Wars Lore of the Old Republic. We currently have over 300 members all of which RP and get involved with the guild regularly and have been brought to the Server after we left Jung Ma all together. We Use Teamspeak regularly and have a mainly 17+ member base. You can find out more about us at

BUT that's not the whole reason I'm here. Some of the officers in the guild thought it would be cool to start up a Podcast that encompasses SWTOR and our Guild as a whole. Ebon Hawk is a big pond, and we are making the moves to be more active in the server's community as we love being apart of many different types of RP. But when it comes to the Podcast, we will be posting it as a weekly project that talks about the Game as a Whole, Random Segments of Lore, and about the RP that happens within the Knights of Sokan. Everyone is welcome to listen, and I hope you all Enjoy.