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"This one time on Hoth......"

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07.20.2015 , 04:44 PM | #21
You know, I admit we probably crossed the line of defending someone and got on the offensive a bit too much, the majority of our offense was calling Corvaick out and trying to get them to apologize. Yes, we did stoop down to their level and started throwing insults at them, which I honestly do regret because it started out as mature defense, and kinda sunk to immature behavior somewhere in there. As it was pointed out, there are better ways to handle a troll, and though it did start out with simple discussion, I guess at some point we all got fed-up of Corvaick's insults and started truly fanning the flames of their assault.

No, I don't regret taking the screenshots and posting this thread, but I do regret that it got as out of hand as it did. As pointed out my tankerzct, I did miss a few bits of the conversation in my haste to keep up with the conversation and taking the screenshots, but he already covered what was missed. I'm not trying to excuse our actions of sinking to Corvaick's level, as there really is no excuse that would make it good, but it happens to the best of us.

Quote: Originally Posted by ndursinger View Post
WTH was in Giovadens mailbox?
Now, to lighten the mood a bit, my mail contained my San Diego Cantina package!

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07.24.2015 , 01:01 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by branmakmuffin View Post
Ah, the ol' "You started it!' defense. The staple of ever argument between 5-year old children.
You weren't there when it happened. You'll feel the same way we, the "defenders and 5 years old children", did. I don't care who started it or who are going to point fingers. We all know that he started the fire and we fanned it even more. Are you going to cry about it? Geez. Get over yourself and try to find some amusement in your life instead of grieving over something.

What wasn't truly mature is that moron refuses to apologize even though he knows he insulted one of the fellow gamer over public chat and act like he's a victim. That is even lower level than what we were at. Insulting is one thing, but playing a victim card? Even way lower than 5 years old child begging for an attention. This type of drama is not 100% needed in SWTOR at all so we called him out and we did pretty good. He might quit SWTOR, he might cry to his dada or mama. Hell, I don't even care what he went to do afterward. I'm pretty damn sure he's scared as **** because he wanted to be tough and we stomped him. I'm also sure he is thinking of his own mistakes and probably doing what I suggested earlier in one of the screenshots. "Raising awareness on genderfluid blah blah blah."

In end of story, if he still refuses to apologize, he can go screw himself. (Or herself for all I care.)

P.S. I'm attending Star Wars themed 5k run in California.