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How Class Balance Happens

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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07.21.2017 , 12:40 PM | #481
Quote: Originally Posted by Stellarcrusade View Post
The point remains the same, even if you try to ignore it, you cannot deny it. 1.) if you try to use barrier likely you cannot because you are netted, 2.) if you try to phase walk likely they know right where you are because you cannot even lay phase until a little after the war starts (dumb). And you'd be suprised how fast into a war people are on top of the sorc.....seriously try it. Go ranked dps sorc, but before you do, go through your house and remove all the rope nuces, guns, cyanide pills, poisonous chemicals, and kitchen forks because in a few matches you'll be tempted to use one of those things on yourself.
what utilities do you use for ranked?

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07.21.2017 , 02:35 PM | #482
Quote: Originally Posted by Thruine View Post
I've never play a 1v1 match. This to me is like dummy parse. So what? Its not going to happen out in the world so what does it matter. Probably reinforce my ideas about them. Lightning is strong, too strong, especially if its part of a group. The most powerful things in PvP is mobility. Roots give it to you. Stuns give it to you. Their push back gives it. And you have to be able to take a hit or two which shields and healing give. Looking at some other classes and we see just how many are missing all the things lightning brings just on its own. Maybe sage has them (I have played around with one). You add two or three to a match and its too annoying for words. Its not their damage. Its their partners damage. If their damage was even higher, they wouldn't need partners.

I personally wished some game would have rank mean you play against your own so this balance question wouldn't be so big. There's no way to fix lightning in PvP (where it is too powerful) and PvE (which I have no idea since mine isn't even 30) because most likely you'll destroy one or the other. But if they are going have every utility known (except stealth of course) then I don't see how damage can be justified. I would never ask for a nerf. I mean, if its so bad then I'd just play one myself. That's always been my solution for whining about balance issues. I have always still played what I liked regardless if they were OP or nerfed or hated or whatever. If they get nerfed more, I'll be okay with that just fine. I don't believe it will change their population. Just more forum posts.

I'm sure there's some class everyone thinks is out of wack. No game I've ever PvP in has had balance because it can't exist unless everything is the same. This fallacy that one class may function best against this one but weak to that one (the old rock paper theory) is also a falsehood. I accept this but if its my choice I'd still nerf lightning some more
They're not asking for Top Tier DPS, most people know that that just can't be because than you would be right. Lightning can't meet certain DPS checks in harder content and so in that regard they do need a DPS buff that will allow them to meet the minimum DPS checks required for the content. That's a perfectly reasonable request and cannot be justified that they can't meet those checks.

As far as PVP is concerned, if they had more stay power, if they have better survivability a direct result of that alone would increase their DPS potentials [Can't DPS when you are dead]. They could give lighting Operative DPS and in PVP they would still underperform because they wouldn't have the opportunity to use it to it's advantage. Lightning is capable of putting out some decent damage in PVP, you do see it on occassion, but a class must be considered on how it will perform at all skill levels, not just the best of the best, what they're not all that decent at is staying on group level for very long instead of 6 feet under it.

It's understandable that thier DPS is lower than other many other rDPS specs, they do come with a great amount of utility and support and are extremely mobile, off heals, self heals, mutliple stun breakers, yada yada yada, but their is a difference between lower than others and unable to meet DPS checks.

Every single DPS spec in the game should and must be able to meet any DPS check in the game and be viable in any area of the game. They don't have to be the best at it, but they must be viable in the hands of someone who knows how to play the class.

You can argue the numbers, but what you can't argue is that DPS sorcs go down faster than the head cheerleader on prom night.

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07.29.2017 , 04:56 PM | #483
#BUFFSORCS Bioware listen to people who play this class. We pay for sub and leave our feedback here.Please Read it!!!

We, Madness sorc asking you for a slight dps buff. - this is how balance happens. Parses are very important. FIX DEATHMARK AND GIVE US A SLIGHT DPS BUFF!!

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