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09.20.2015 , 10:32 PM | #201
I have created a fan fic known as The Terror of the Great Armageddon. I have never fully introduced the main character and narrator of this story. Therefore what you see below is the general description and brief bio of Lord Armageddon. This bio contains a lot of spoilers that will later be revealed in the story. You have been warned, read it at your own risk.

Name: Giovanni Corvette, (Original Name) Darth Brutios, (Sith Name) Armageddon (Sith Title and the Name he is known by currently)
Gender: Male
Year of Birth:3,650 BBY
Place of Birth:Mandalore
Home Planet:Mandalore
Current Age:25
Hair Color/Style:black and wavy
Facial Appearance: slender nose, roundish face with a very serious expression (warrior heritage)
Eye Color: Emerald Green, Blood Red (Dark Side Corruption)
Body Appearance:Very large and muscular, very athletic and heavy
Current Residence:Aboard his flagship, The Apocalypse
Allegiance:The Sith Empire, The Dark Council, etc.
Profession:Dark Lord of the SIth (Successor of VItiate, the Sith Emperor)
Armor and Clothing: Customized Sith Robes, underneath the Sith Robes is a light Mandalorian Iron Armor, wears the helm of Mandalore
Primary Weapon:Customized Blood-Red Lightsaber
Secondary Weapon:The Force
Masters:Yamaha Glen (Jedi Instructor), Anthos Vivaldo (Sith Master and mentor), Vido Derenga aka. Viper (Sith Overseer)
Apprentices: Darth Akuma (formerly Angelina Morada), Enze Menaza aka. The Silent Plague (Sith Assassin)


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09.21.2015 , 12:17 AM | #202
Here goes my character. For some of you he may be not acceptable, for some he might be fine for others... just neutral. Anyway here he is.

Name and Title:
Dread Lord Terentas Strog.

Over 120 years.

Brothers and sisters:
His brother known in the Empire as a Conqueror Mellennium Strog. Unlike cold blooded Terentas, Mell is a real patriot with warrior's honour.

Unknown SIth Lord named Lady Aneks. Had a dark jedi apprentice, before left in the Dark Space. Fate of this jedi, as well as his name is unknown.

Body type:

Eye color:

Black short hair.

A huge scar all over the face.

Organizations this character was in IC wise:
Dread Guard, The Imperial Directive, Invisus Umbra, The Dark Contingency, Sarovyr's cult, Targoth's Cult.

His family's old temple, hidden somewhere on Dathomir and now used as a Strog's power base. In fact this is a heavily guarded fortress, useful for any kinds of meetings. Only a very few knows it's location.

Human/pure blood.

Strog always was cold and unemotional sith. In this way, he was like Jadus. With passion cold as ice. Even knowing how much he done for the Empire, he however never believed in its supreme goals. Even being one of the Dread Sorcerers, who served the Dread Masters, he never worshiped them more then just a powerful men and women. Even so, in a time when he was just a boy, Strog didn't try to impress them. As a Sith... No, as a Man, he once was a person with strong emotions, who loved his friend Ren. Those both sith, never dreamed about power or control over Empire. They dreamed about uncovered secrets of the known and unknown galaxies. They studied about ancients and were inspired by the spirit of Revan's ideals. The Force in Balance. Their love, their connection was so strong. So the Dread Masters used it to inspire Strog's loyalty. He made for himself a great name, earned a title of the Dread Lord of the Sith. But titles never really concerned Strog. This was always just a tool for him, nothing more. But, as it always happens, it was not enough for a Masters to bind his will. They force Strog to fight his love to the death, but in final move, when he had to tear her body a part... a pure blood Strog refused to kill her and openly said NO to the Dread Master's will. So they did kill her as punishment for his disobeying. He was locked under the ground, in the Dread Fortress's jails. Screams of his dying Ren, that is what led him to madness as he heard it every night. And when he was freed again, his emotions and feels became cold and dead. As a sign of the long dead world Malachor V, Strog took name Malakor and became Commander among Dread Host's numbers.

Malakor joined the sith order during the war, but no one knows where he was born. Of course, many asked about that. But Sith always had different answers. Also, no one knows anything about his parents. Only later, during the dread war, this knowledge was opened. Malakor is a child of the big and noble sith generations, who placed themselves in servitude to the Dread Masters. From the beginning of his way, boy was trained as the most loyal and deadly servant to the Emperor and his personal executors. But, his loyalty to the dread masters wasn't perfectly clear. As a Sith, Malakor never wanted to be a Leader, a ruler of someone. But he always wanted to have more power, more knowledge. No matter the cost. On his way to greatness, his first order was The Imperial Directive. As an apprentice to Darth Namon, Malakor tried to grow in his believes and ideals. On the first steps, Namon was proud of his apprentice, but then something goes wrong. On Korriban, he tried to kill Malakor and called him a traitor. As sith knows later, Namon did that for show, for striking at the Imperial Directive's Leader's back. And he did that.

After that. Malakor a long time was just a warrior on the battlefield, sometimes doing his duty for the dread lords. It is a time, when he met someone, who became his master and his friend, someone respectful and strong. Sarovyr was a great warrior and after a shot fight on Korriban, he was the one, who asked Malakor to join him. That was a beginning of the nice friendship, future rivalry, conflicts and then new servitude. Malakor was loyal. But never popular. A shadow of his master, his personal assassin. And his friendship with a Sarovyr could grow in something bigger, but that also was a time, when The Dread Masters rebelled. As one of elite dread sorcerer, Malakor got a gift for his loyalty. Corrupted Mask. Source of great power. And a trap. Trap for a weak mind. As one of the Dread Guard, Malakor could hear voices of his Masters, no matter where he was. He thought, that mask is a first piece to his true greatness, and another step to prove to Sarovyr his strength and power. Prove, that he can handle even such ancient and dangerous power. But, there are always mistakes on our life. The Masters ordered to destroy Sarovyr's cult and himself. When Malakor said no to them, he ll never betray his friend, the Dread Will enslaved his mind. A human no more. Just a beast, he attacked Sarovyr's cult, but was killed by the mighty Darth himself. However, that wasn't an end...

Maybe Malakor was enslaved by the dread will, in any ways he is no match for the Dread Masters. But, when their presence was gone, with the help one of his children, Lord Elifas, Malakor was resurrected in a new body. A Pure blooded body. A host. And that was a new beginning. He had to become full sith again. He lost all his powers, his memories. But, fate smiled to him. Malakor, now Terentas, met with Sarovyr again. He joined him and was the most loyal member to his Leader. And, that was a time, when Sarovyr takes Terentas as his apprentice. They were both acting in the war against Crimson Moon. That also was a time, when the Shroud grows in power. But, before conflict was ended, Terentas gone. And no one could find him. Only after a few years, he came back to the Empire's space. With a new host, with a new powerful and dangerous artifacts and power. The Crest, what he forged in the Dark Space, a place beyond know galaxy's reality. To gain it, he lost his humanity, his feelings. Is he now sith? Or just the dreadful entity who is nothing, but the hunger for power Monster. No one knows. He came back to show his master and lost friend, what he gained. To show his master, that he can be proud of his apprentice. But... Sarovyr gone and no one knows where is he. While Sarovyr was gone, however, Terentas joined the Cult again and served Darth Targoth as a friend and guard. But past the time, Targoth's cult was destroyed. Sarovyr didn't come back, so Terentas found his own way.

However, that is all happened a long ago before this Sith joined Brotherhood. What happened with him in that time, is out of any recordings. He became a good friend to Voss, studied ancient relics and history. But beyond that... nothing. What he wants to achieve? What is his goal? How a travel to the Dark Space changed him? A lot of questions, but there is not even a single answer. Many tried to follow his pass, but failed. Many tried to uncover his nature... But most of them just disappeared. The only journal that was found in the Nightmare Lands, left by some unknown sith:

"I remember a day, when he died.. and yet, i see him again. Malakor, now Terentas, loyal servant of the Dread Guard, Darth Sarovyr's apprentice. He is... unnatural sith. His fire is cold. No emotions, no feelings. He is like Jadus.. or even worse. He has hunger for power, but doesn't wish to rule over people's minds. I heard rumors of this man... he is alchemist, sorcerer. And always works in the shadows. No one knows his true face. No one knows who he is. Any sith, any Imperial around us... can be him. No one remembers him, yet he knows everything about everyone. I heard rumors... that real Malakor might be a long dead. That there is...a monster, abomination... a host user among our numbers. That he paid the most high price for power, then anyone else. Turned himself into the living essence of the dread force. And yet... he is still undetected. He is doing a lot hard work for the Empire, infiltrated Jedi Order and Republic's military. He is everywhere. Yet... no one knows his true goals. What he wants to achieve? If only we could know. We could plan to stop him, maybe... but we don't know anything about his plans or him. And it fears me. I might got closer to his secrets and i wish only, that if i fail, someone continues my work. I hear voices in my head every night. I see strange figure in my dreams. His face... No, his mask... This is madness, but if i didn't know, that the Dread Masters are long dead... but this mask... so weird... and such power... unnatural, dark power. He calls for me. To some totem... Today, me and my team are going to investigate this. It maybe a sign of the Force or a trap..."

Past the time, he joined the Shadow Guard in order to find his old Master and serve the Empire as it's defender. He owed his life to Dark Lord Aviria, and promised to do everything he can, to help.

Travel to the Dark Space.

The Dark Space. Place beyond Living Galaxy. Place where is no Force, but something terrible. Terentas traveled here, from where no yet came back, to learn more secrets, to become stronger and wiser. What he found? Brutal Primordial Mind, Living Force , which, however, differed from that of the Sith and the Jedi are accustomed to feeling . As well as the Living Force , there were the dark and light side that were simply in balance. However, the Sith did not immediately realize , this Living Force was the complete opposite of the one that lived in his galaxy. The brutal , evil . Yes. Evil. Terentas sensed a great hunger, hatred and anger. And yet... there was serenity, tamper, peace. What he sensed.. what he felt.... he didn't like it and his first thought was to run, retreat... but it was too late for him. The Black Force caught him into the trap. Time in the dark space a bit different from the time of Living Galaxy.

Over time, the body is weakened , despite the daily meditation . Time dragged on . Hours , days, years , age ... he did not know for how long is he among the expanses of the Dark Space , but in fact , did not even think about it. Terentas managed to establish contact with the local Living Force. It fueled his body and spirit with its unnatural power. His whole mind and being... changed. He knew more about the force. He knew the another side of the darkness. He knew about other stars. About other galaxy's, other universes and other realities. And got a wish to explore them all. But... a man or even Sith, never get a chance to live so long. And the cost for immortality was too great. He knew, what Vititate did to become immortal, but unlike the Emperor, Terentas didn't want to consume every living being. And so he made a choice... to abandon everything within him. Sith raised his eyes to the Eye of Madness, Eye of the Mind beyond any realities. Mrak. And he answered to Terentas. He showed to him what he wants. And Terentas saw what pass Vitiate chooses. And what Mrak is truly is. Something terrible, a Force that existed before the first living being even existed. Mrak never lies. He told to Terentas, that price for power, maybe high even for a most mad maniac. Yet... he accepted this price. He had nothing to sacrifice any longer. Everything he cared about, everything he loved... were a long dead. And so... Terentas was changed. To a monster. To a Dreadful Entity. He, however, saved his wishes and saved his mind. And then... The Dark Space allowed him to come back.

Terentas wishes to gain knowledge and power over Light and Dark, Good and Evil. To be between four great Forces. He has same goals for immortality as the Emperor, but with a little different ways.

Terentas is cold as was Jadus, if not worse. For whoever he will call his Master once again, he will be most loyal follower until the end of his life or his Masters. He has a strong will, but prefers to be unemotional Living Weapon, then just a person. He cares only for gaining power and knowledge over the force and doesn't care about Leadership. He has a title of Lord, but this nothing but just a tool for him. In other words, he never betray those who respects and follow. One thing, that other Sith might not understand, about Terentas: Even if he becomes powerful enough to strike down all his masters combined... he won't do that, until see them as a betrayers to the Empire. As he doesn't care about power plays and doesn't seek Leadership. Union, stability, order - those things, as Terentas believes, will make the Empire stronger. Some may say he is naive for his ages. But don't be fooled... this "man" will exterminate planets, just to ensure Empire's survival. He is a Monster.

Main Skills:
Master of the Dark Arts and the Dread Force, alchemist, necromancer and sorcerer. Also he is a well trained warrior, who can fight with double-bladed style. Strog mastered balance in the force, as he follows his own understanding of the sith and jedi codes, using both light and dark side combined.

Dread Guard's heavy armor, that was used by some of the Dread Commander's during the Dread War, but now redesigned to Strog's personal style. Having a heavy defense, but unlike some may think, do not slow it's user's movement. Crest of the Dread, a mask, that he doesn't wear off anymore. And his face stay hidden from anyone and well protected from ANY kind of damage.

Dread Guard's Corrupted mask - gained by Terentas during his serve in the Dread Guard, long before conflict with the republic started. Powerful artifact, that can protect it's owner from some mentality attacks. Requires strong will to control it or it will turn you into mad mindless killer.

Crest of the Dread mask(Approved IC wise by Sarysa and Sarovyr) - gained by Terentas during his long travel in the Dark Space, forged through alchemy and sorcery. It's design similar to the Dread Master's masks. Requires even more stronger will to control it. Can't be destroyed.

Wings of Architect(Approved IC wise by Sarysa and Sarovyr) - gained by Terentas after the end of the Dread War. Lord Strog was one of those, who helpt to the Empire discover Dread Master's secrets, as he was one of the very few Dread Guard's Commanders who rebelled and knew The Master's weapon design's. With the Empire's help, he was able to forge his own prototype wings, controlled by his mind. Of course, it did take some time, before he learned how to control it.

Dreadful Amulet - powerful artifact of the dreadful power, that Terentas forged by himself and fueled it with part of his sorcery. When used, can grant to it's owner power of dread, but only for a short time. If used in front of those, who's mind didn't protect by Dread Masks, depends on persons' will, it can either bring him to madness or just distract for a few seconds.

Having light sabers of the ancient design, made in the dread forge. Both light saber and double-bladed light saber have white crystals.

Wings of Architect, powerful machine designed by Dread Master Brontes. Once served in the Dread Guard, Terentas knew it's design and forged his own prototype of this wings. Tentacles not only very useful as a flying mount, but also can be used as weapons. It is possible not only to tear your enemy apart, but also fry him with blaster shots. Wings controlled by Strog's mentality.

Main goals:
Serve the Empire and bring it to both victory and glory, to ensure it's survival. He has hunger for ancient powers and he, indeed, wishes to be immortal. But even being a cold blooded monster, Strog didn't forget his ideals and principles. So between Power and what good for the Empire, he chooses the Empire, even so not always believing in it's supreme goals. He also hunting for ancient relics, that can fuel his power and knowledge over the Force.

After travel in the dark space his goals changed. There is a rumor, that Terentas Strog, as a person who he was, is dead. And there is something terrible, that took his memories and body to it's own control.

Forge both Republic and the Sith Empire into the first Eternal Empire, that will conquer this galaxy and then whole universe. Empire, where light side and dark side won't be foes, but will be united. Terror and Madness will be it's weapons. Order and Unity will be it's defense. An utopia, some says... but Revan proved, that by following one goal, Republic and Empire can fight and defend as One.

Notice: Those, who will try to call him a gray Jedi or even a Jedish, will be so mistaken. This walking Monster, lost his humanity completely. He is a Master of Balance, but he careless and deadly cold person. And don't be mistaken. He doesn't lose his passion. It is just changed within him. Became something... terrible. Terentas Strog is the living proof, that darkness or light aren't the same as evil or good. That force in balance can be used as well as by Heroes, as by Monsters. That even light side can be used by Evil mind.


Here it ends. My character wasn't made by one day. I am role playing on the progenitor for over two years. There were falls, there were rises. Everything, beyond travel in the dark space and his days before war, was role played. My character is an example to all force-users:

Some power costs too much. Even if you are crazy maniac, it might be hard enough for you to control it. And there are some prices... even you won't be ready to pay. He did. And who is not a right question. What is he, only time will answer.