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PTS Phase 2 Loot Acquisition Feedback (Newest Patch)

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PTS Phase 2 Loot Acquisition Feedback (Newest Patch)
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Maricstefan's Avatar

09.07.2019 , 11:21 AM | #41
Hey Eric,

A the new patch did not necessarily fix things, but it moved loot drops into a better more streamlined position.

what I like now is, that when i run sorc curruptionm i will get gear only for that. that's better than before.

But everything else I said yesterday persists. copied another character, the same sorc, and ran her identically as i did pre-patch, and while I get loot suited for the chosen spec, after 3 runs of VM i didn't get any upgrades anymore.
now, i understand the system is working akin to how destiny 1 did it with taken king, where you have to reach light level 300 for the game to be like " we dropping 310 gear now " and reach 310 for 317 and so forth. absolutely makes sense.

now again here are my issues.
there is A not enough and different loot to keep things fresh,
b. dismantling doubs doesn't really give that many tech fragments,
C. i still like my idea, that bosses drop tech fragments instead of the FP/Raid itself.
// example: we tried to run Hammerstation on MM today again,and for some reason, we couldn't beat the end boss. worked like a charm yesterday but not today. anyway. i noticed that some VM run of hammerstation gives me around 220 tech fragments. and a MM just slightly more. //
D. my 248 fully auged set is better than a full 270 green set. like literally better. only after 270 it starts to become less viable. because the stats on the new gear just screw with how the stats should be distributed.
now lemme put down my idea for a possible working loop here :

A. just by running FPs, you currently dont get over 266ish. loot gets thrown at you but the fact is, that half the " upgrade " loot is objectively not an upgrade. for example. yesterday it just kept telling me that the piece which upped my crit as lighting sorc was the upgrade i needed. i ended up with no accuracy and 500 alac and like 2100 crit lol, because for testing purpose i just kept equipping what the game told be is an upgrade. so eventually you wont actually get upgrades anymore even though they have 1 better stat.
B. by making bosses drop tech fragments, farming gets more rewarding and useable.
c. the new core loop for endgame or gearing would be, among others. run the raids and flashpoints, till you cant level up your gear anymore, then farm one of the FPs till you have enough fragments, then grab the RNG upgrades. get the upgrade, and repeat.

now more objectively.
loot still becomes irrelevant too fast. against after the 3rd run today i just didn't get anything that was playing nicely with my spec.
tech fragments are a shore to farm. the current model is buying that presence stim for 1.5k and dismantle like 800 of those to get 3000 tech fragments.thats what i did to get to 280 because it is the way better way right now getting those.

again i think having bosses from now on drop tech fragments instead of getting them randomly by completing the fp makes more sense.
VM boss -100
MM boss - 150
SM raid boss -150
HM raid biss - 200
NM raid boss - 400

and even with having an abundance of tech fragments, it still took like an hour and a half to get to 280 because at first really tried hard to keep my stats correct and eventually just gave up.

TLDR: still a lot of useless loot and a ton of doubs, and not enough tech fragments. hope you consider trying to do the bosses drop fragments to make up FPs not actually giving you upgrades way to fast
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09.07.2019 , 11:28 AM | #42
Update on yesterday.
The loot drops are better and I went from about 278 to 284 and started to see 286 purple drops.

Leveling gear which this is not suppose to have good stats.
I Like the fact I am gearing for multiple toons at once I save the top three pieces of each slot so if I take another toon they go from whatever to 282 just below my 284 or I can just put everything on my current toon and boom 284.

I complained at first but I see the logic. Avoid the vendors as that is just wasting tech. Kai Zykken for a tactical but that is it. Be a smart shopper and not a piranha and biting the lowest cost thing out there.

Will I want to balance my gear once I hit 306. Yes I will, but until then I am just chasing the next gear score. WHILE I am gearing several toons at once. When this goes live as is then I will have eight gear sets by the time the first gets to 306. Meaning I will have gear for eight other toons. I will probably have tacticals for many different specs. In the end I did the effort for nine toons with one character at once or more.

Could it be better? Yes they could be better and from what I heard is that the token vendors will come back. Expensive but they will be back. Can anyone name a game that you can transfer gear from one toon to the next? With a general set bonus I have basic gear for any dps I have with one run through.

Do I hate RNG yes, but don't kill the goose we have just because something could be better. Tell them things need to change, but understand that they will not be perfect but they are changing. That much I have learned in three days playing the pts.
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Maricstefan's Avatar

09.07.2019 , 11:29 AM | #43
Btw Eric?

Quick question. at what level will the blue gear start and where will it drop
the same with purple and gold? and what stats will those have?

because right now the osseus gear just outperforms the new green gear, which I guess makes sense given its endgame gear lol.

but id be interested nevertheless where and how we get the better grade gear later. and how it will drop in flash points and raids.
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09.07.2019 , 12:17 PM | #44
The latest patch makes it relatively easy to to get to 306. I finished off a toon I started last week and being able to get the last few pieces with guaranteed boxes from the vendor saved me from the frustration of getting that last piece.

I then started from scratch with a 268 toon and got up to 282 in 3hours of solo VM Hammertime so I think 10hours to be a reasonable guess to how long it would take me to get to 306.

Things I'd like to see changed:-
Loot drops at 306 are bad, most of the gear is lower than 306 and at this point, all I want is to update my set bonus armour with armourings, mods, etc. which don't seem to drop and when they do they're not 306.

The loot box on the vendor that contains armourings and mods only contains one item, it used to have 4 different items. This needs to be cheaper or go back to 3-4 items.

The UI needs an update, once you get to 306 regular pieces and set bonus pieces look identical in the inventory and since deconstructing items is such a common task there needs to be a clear distinction. I'd suggest adding the old legacy icon to set bonus pieces for the sake of clarity.

Kalorilan's Avatar

09.07.2019 , 03:22 PM | #45
Adding to all of this:
Most of us have at least a couple of moddable sabers, pistols, etc. in our collections that we may want to use on characters. Left hand side pieces are never "seen" by anyone else unless they inspect our character, and right-hand side equipment can always be papered over in the outfit designer.

But....mainhand weapons, and offhand sabers/pistols, we have to use what is available.
And right now, it's pretty doggone painful to get usable hilts/barrels for those items.

If there's no "weapon designer" to let us override, and we're stuck using Bubba's Boltblaster Pistol or random non-moddable saber instead of the item we lucked into (or for some, whaled into) and love....well, it's going to be another item that sours people on their overall experience.

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xJediRyanx's Avatar

09.07.2019 , 03:52 PM | #46
20 different armoring variants
20 different barrel variants
20 different hilt variants

60 different mod variants
20 different enhancement variants for each type of enhancement.

And everything else that is RNG. Why would I need to get 3 mara pieces from a Renown box while I play a Power Tech. I don't even have a mara.

I would like to congratulate the developers of this game for literally taking a great expansion and turning it into garbage based on what is on the PTS right now.

Player base: Ossus and Command ranks is a terrible way to get gear

Developers: Hold my beer.
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elspethfire's Avatar

09.07.2019 , 04:59 PM | #47

So im on my sniper and so far most of the drops i have been getting are for a jug tank or has tanking specs in it which really disappoints me. I will say from doing dailies i have gotten gear over time but from just mob drops. The renown crate and the vet flashpoints well i just stuff that is lower then my gear i have now and have yet to get any set pieces. Also correct me if im wrong but i thought the stuff to get with the tact frag stuff was suppose to go down in price but i dont see it . ill have to say getting gear for my sniper is taking a while. As for gear from Hammer station i NEVER get anything that is either an upgrade or even a set piece for my sniper Marybelbis. So please let me know what im doing wrong and is it only the master mode FP that u can get a tatical?

Thank you

Sir-steve's Avatar

09.07.2019 , 09:02 PM | #48
Does acquiring gear feel too fast/slow?

Slow. Spent a good chunk of the afternoon on PTS using a toon copy in 258 gear. Between Onderon and Hammer Station I went up about 1.25 levels. Very low number of drops - mostly 210. In Hammer station it was mostly resources and I did receive one command crate, which I can't use due to level (must be 75). Perhaps its a level problem, but I really dont want to spend days levelling up 35 alts filling up their inventories with useless and unusable items.

Do you understand what to do to get gear? How do you feel about the primary sources...

I think I understand it - run missions, hit flashpoints etc. I don't think its a lack of understanding, its a lack of interest. The process is not engaging, the loot not rewarding and the system needlessly random and complex. I genuinely think you have gone in the exact opposite direction from what people wanted. Put plainly, this just isn't fun.

Side notes on Onderon:

- While visually attractive, I hate this kind of 'lab rats in a maze' type terrain i.e. no direct path, can't go 'over' things. I mean c'mon, SW has jetpacks and spaceships - why are we so often stuck not being able to get over a little hill?
- Blue glowy (now green circles, yellow squares and red dots) for clicking are very hard to see under all the flora
- It just wasnt that exciting/interesting

Sorry guys, I'm sure you put a lot of hard work into this but overall, I'm turned off by it not excited for it. If there's one thing you MUST get right before this goes live, it's GOT to be getting this RNG nonsense under control.
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Master_Morak's Avatar

09.08.2019 , 07:53 AM | #49
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey folks,

Making a new feedback thread based on all of the changes we have made with the newest patch. Please ensure you have played hands-on PTS with the new patch before providing feedback as things have changed.
  • Does acquiring gear feel too fast? Too slow?
  • Do you understand what to do to get gear?
  • How do you feel about the primary sources of getting gear? (playing content and Missions)
  • How do you feel about the contribution of the supplementary systems? (vendors, crafting, Renown)
Remember that for gear acquisition we want you to focus on Hammer Station or Karagga's Palace on any difficulty and the Onderon Dailies.

Eric this system is a worse System, why - the rewards are to low for playing the content.

Keep in mind that there are many solo players and not only raiders and flash point runners. The rewards for the dailies and weeklies are to low.

For examble: in the Moment you revieve 4 command chests für the yavin 4 Weekly, but here not even one renown chest for the same effort - that is frustrating.

I got 3 chests and 2 contents green parts below the level of my char, the next Frustration.

BTW: 50.000 points for conquest a much to high
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Hawkebatt's Avatar

09.08.2019 , 08:20 AM | #50
my update on the gear
in five days I have gone from 252 to 302 I am getting gold drops now.

I have four sets of lower gear five of seven of one set and three of seven for another.
plenty of armorings mods and enhancements to make a fifth set.

Sat are still not balanced, but work fine for VM Hammer station.
Comp has difficultly getting past the third mob group where I have to use unity and he is at 50 so maybe a bit low on the initial healing burst, but manageable

I fluctuated from no alacrity up to 12% 800 crit to 2300, 500 accuracy to 2300. The 2% alacrity set bonus does seem to be working as I should have 2% with no alacrity on my gear and does not change my percentage even if I do. Might be the invisible set bonus gear glitch in the strongholds.

So far I may not have a balanced set for ops, but fine enough for VM flashpoints.

I also noticed that if I am wearing mod gear I get mod drops. Will test this once I am at close to 306.

So with five spare sets worth of gear from one toon toon leveling gear the drops are fine.

Except for the relics and weapons dropping for tank spec on my dps assassin. hardest item so far to get is main hand. Was at ilevel 298 with a 290 weapon for the longest.
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