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How do you get better at Galactic Starfighter?

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How do you get better at Galactic Starfighter?

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12.16.2013 , 03:29 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Turajin View Post
As I said: I already figured out that scout and gunship don't suit my style. Gunship is boring (I hate snipers), and scout is (for me) simply unplayable with these controls.

Leaves me to exactly one ship.
There's two 'free' strike models. You might like the Quell/Pike better than the default one. Also, if you're that set on being a striker, the CC ship might be for you.
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12.16.2013 , 03:58 PM | #32
When I started, I was getting my hard candies shot off ALL THE TIME. I know that's frustrating.
Thing is, I've played lots of "space fighter" games, and that's how it ALWAYS goes, at first.

It always takes a while to get the hang of the controls, but once you do, you'll see a MARKED improvement in your performance.
As has been said...PRACTICE.
If not being an "ace" by the third or fifth or tenth match is enough to get you to quit, well, that's just silly.
It's a CHALLENGE to get better. I wasn't even ON the board, the first dozen or so matches I played. Now, about 30-40 matches in, I'm routinely in the top 5.

Learn the maps, there are only two currently. Once you get the layout of an area, everything gets easier.

At first, play defensively. Stay close to friendly objectives, and don't go chasing kills by yourself, until you can get enough requisition to upgrade your ship.

And as has also been said already, figure out how you like to play, and "ship up" accordingly. Concentrate on upgrading one ship that you like, rather than trying to keep all three at the same level. Personally, I'm a Scout junkie...a speed freak, turret-killing objective grabbing opportunistic "surprise" killer. I don't like Gunships because I don't like sitting still and I don't like Strikes because they're not fast enough and don't turn tightly enough for me. But everyone's play style is different, find your own.

And here's something I haven't seen here yet (but may have missed) on your accuracy. Practice with the reticule, and check your accuracy rating at the end of the match. You'll only have a second or two (most of the time) to hit your target, and you want as much fire on target as possible. There are targeting "sweet spots" that vary based on distance, direction, the target's armor and components, etc. Don't just "hose and pray"...the target can see the shots going past, you know! I've gotten out of getting killed because the enemy opened up too early and warned me I had someone on my butt. Several actual air combat aces from both World Wars listed "marksmanship" as being more important than "piloting skill" in air combat, so it's obviously worth working on.
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