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Warzone deserter debuff and cross server warzones

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Warzone deserter debuff and cross server warzones

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02.18.2012 , 09:52 AM | #1
I will try to split up my greviances to take them point by point.

(I am posting because I can no longer play in these conditions. Before I go play Xbox or something, I figured I'd at least express my concerns and have some posts to reference when I cancel my subscription.)

So I hear that in the next patch you're going to introduce WZ deserter debuff for leaving early. I think this is premature.

1. Possibly due to bad population but also lack of balance. If I don't play primetime, I get repeatedly owned in warzones. I get the same damn premade, and I get the same retarded team. There is no reason I should have to put up with this due to YOUR bad mechanics. You should implement cross server warzones before you introduce deserter debuffs. I the player, should not have to deal with YOUR, the game devs etc.., shortcomings in gameplay.

2. I cannot choose which WZ I want to play. I read the post 'blah blah blah picking will hurt gameplay b/c there's always someone that hates WZ A and someone that hates WZ B blah blah blah...'. I dunno about you guys, but out of the 3 warzones, I get huttball a vast majority of the time. And it's ALWAYS vs a ******* premade. Until we can choose which BG we can queue/not-queue for you should not introduce a wz deserter debuff. (As stated above, this could also be fixed with cross server warzones).

And just a few side notes:
-There is no reason you should have waited this long to introduce cross server warzones. I guess you guys have inflated heads and thought that the population from the first 30 days would last.
-Only 3 Warzones thoughout the WHOLE game is annoying. Why 3? Because WoW has 3? Who the **** cares what other people do, you're a seperate game, you should do what YOU think. At least in WoW they staggered them.
-There are no premade filters on PvP. Maybe this is b/c populations are low. Again, this is not my fault. There is no reason i should get repeatedly owned by the same damn premade all day/night. I don't care if my queues are longer. I can't even farm medals against those guys.
-You guys say a lot of **** is 'in the process' and what not. To me that is a lame excuse for a lack of development and foresight.

So, to reiterate. Warzones deserter debuffs are not where you should be focusing your time/efforts YET. You should try to fix pvp and actually think about where the players are coming from. You said in a post that you were overwhelmed by the response to PvP. Maybe that is why there is an overall lack of polish to it.

(And before you all troll me for talking about population; yes, I am going to post in other forums about it.)

The worst part is, I really stuck up for you guys. I told everyone I knew that this was going to be a ****** game. I had a lot of faith. That has since crashed, burned, and turned mostly to hatred. Unless **** changes SOON, I'm cancelling.

You should have marketed this game as a STAR WARS GAME, with a little hint of MMO. Not a MMO with Star Wars. I don't give a flying * *** about cut-scenes or voice acting (as this must have been where you spent the most time/effort. It sure wasn't in MMO aspects).