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Collections and DvL rewards question

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Collections and DvL rewards question

Betushka's Avatar

07.29.2016 , 03:39 AM | #1
Hello, my question is about Sith Recluse Armor. I really wanted to get this set for my Sith ladies for some time and you can't even imagine, how excited I was, when I got Upper Armor from my DvL reward box. I have been saving credits and finaly managed to buy Lower Armor box from GTN. I was excited even more, I'd need only Supplementary Armor . Well, I checked my collection and only pieces I apparently unlocked are pieces from the box I bought on GTN. I can't see chest armor or gloves, even if my Nox is wearing them right now! Please, can someone clarify this for me? Can you unlock pieces from DvL rewards in your collection? Is this a bug? Should I submit a ticket? I'm very upset right now. I worked really hard to get these pieces and I don't want to buy chest or gloves on GTN again. The prices are ridiculous as it is .
Thank you for any response.

DarthSpuds's Avatar

07.29.2016 , 04:21 AM | #2
I think you can only unlock a complete set.

So you have to get a complete set to one of your characters, equip it all, and then it should unlock in collections.

All The Best

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Vhaegrant's Avatar

07.29.2016 , 05:05 AM | #3
There's a thread here on the issue ->

The armour pieces from the DvL reward crates don't have the pieces unlocked tracker on them. This might be confusing the issue.
Also make sure you equip all the pieces for a set on the same character.