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Stuck on a class to play.(returning player)

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Stuck on a class to play.(returning player)

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07.29.2016 , 09:54 AM | #11
cross posting from a question very similar to yours regarding the dps classes. this is all just my impressions so your milage may vary. the pvp i talk about here is regs, ranked is a whole different beast and would need it's own post.

mara - very high damage and good defensives make it an excellent performer in both pvp and pve. has a higher skill threshold than most and is more difficult to master.
jugg - less damage than a mara, but with much better survivability. there is good reason they are the always the last targeted in pvp, but generally not as a good a choice as mara for high level pve.
merc - the definition of high damage glass cannon has a picture of a merc in it. excellent ranged damage make it a top choice for pve. for pvp, their high damage potential makes them very dangerous, but their lack of good escapes makes them the first targeted. self heals help some.
powertech - excellent burst damage and great utility make pt a good choice for pvp and pve. great defensives let pt survive in the middle of a pvp brawl and help cheese mechanics in pve. not as overwhelming in dps as it used to be, but still a good performer.
sniper - very similar to merc's high damage glass cannon, but with better defensives and no self heals. in pvp, pray there is a merc around or you will get targeted first. virtually every nim op group has at least one sniper
operative - slow and steady wins the pvp race. self heals, purge, and lol-you-cant-hit-200%-defense make it one of the tankiest non tank classes, with slow but steady damage. probably the most feared class in pvp, stealth opens up a whole new world and anti-kiting tools make it almost impossible for targets to escape. not generally known as a good pve performer, but put in enough effort and...
sorc - decent to great damage in pvp and pve depending on spec. madness does very high damage numbers in pvp and some pve due to dot spread but lightning is probably a better choice if you are actually trying to kill something. very squishy, but decent defensives, self heals, and the best escapes of any class make it hard to kill.
assassin - another stealth class, this one is squishier than the op, but also does better damage. limited self heals and good escapes make for a hit and run play style vs. the ops stick to them like glue play. difficult to get good damage numbers in pve but i know 1 guy that does it. i learned to love the dot and other short stories.