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PTS when Eric & Keith ?

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06.20.2019 , 01:39 AM | #1
Come on guys it's almost the end of June and 6.0 comes out in 3 Months or less if it's on target and as a loyal subscriber i'm very concerned about the quality of the content and testing that will be going on. The past with issues not being resolved is scary and even with the current companion bug with it slotted to be fixed in 5.10.4 with no date of release is another problem and it is game breaking try doing MM chapters when the companions decide to go to Antarctica.

I would like to see a full test of all content at once but please put a silk screen over the screen with serial numbers everywhere and do a media blackout for the story stuff so then leaks will be impossible with video/screenshots the word of mouth can never be stopped and even dataminers can pull that information.

But with no tests at the current stage even though some content has landed on the PTS shard i'm really worried.
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