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Defense Rating Cap

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06.14.2017 , 04:43 PM | #1
So I know there is always a lot of talk looming around this and most people tend to stay away from the Warding Mods as tanks to not break the defense cap. That being said, wouldn't it just make more sense to get Lethal 54B mods to go with the 248 Armoring/Enhancements? I haven't dabbled around and looked at to see if they raised the cap for def.

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06.16.2017 , 01:48 AM | #2
That and instead of immunity/sturdiness enhancements I'd like to see bastion/bulwark ones.

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06.16.2017 , 01:12 PM | #3
There is a hard cap on every stat of 30% (only for points you get throug gear). But every curve gets some deminishing return for every additional point you get. You will never ever reach this 30% because of that.

I for myself use Tank B mods (208 endurance) and tank enhancements with 183 end, 220 shild / absorp. So the more "usefull" tank stats shild and absorp are maximised and the stat defence we have plentiful minimised.
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06.17.2017 , 12:11 AM | #4
As KBN has said in your previous post about 5.0 tanking numbers, it really makes no difference. The swing is barely 5%.

What does matter is - how do your healers feel about it?

I have been running Lethal B Mods, DPS Barrels, DPS non-set bonus armorings, and DPS relics since 5.0 came out and my healers have no problems keeping me up. However, before I committed to the change, I asked my healers as I changed a couple pieces at a time.

If you want to switch, then give it a try. What would it hurt? Keep all your Warding B Mods and if you feel you are squishy, swap a couple back in...

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06.17.2017 , 07:48 AM | #5
Considering that our dps are well overgeared, I don't see the necessarity to press more dps out of my gear. I also ask, for which boss?
Every non-last-boss is a joke atm, so no dps-gear is needed.
At Brontes tank dps in the last phase is not very much. Tanks job is, to survive as long as possible - every point of endurance, shield and absorb is helpful.
At Styrak, tank dps might be helpful. However, defense is very useful at the end and at the beginning tanking the kell dragon.
At Kephess, tank dps might be helpful to dps the walker. However, you are happy about every percentage of defense concering the hard hits from Kephess at the end.
At Dread Council, Calphayus is hitting very hard, I wouldn't suggest any gear changes. Bestia can be tanked with full dps gear + shield generator (I already did). However, tanking the kell dragon with dps gear hurts a bit, and tanking bestia afterwards without crytal also hurts.
At TFB, in the first phase, every piece of dps-gear (or hybrid gear), I use, my dps are increasing and the healers dps are dropping. At second phase, tank dps on the boss is not needed, and the 3-4 global cooldowns each time between scream and the next scream aren't worth the gear change. For the last phase (and a possible enrage before) I suggest to take the more uptime on deflection through the set-bonus and the more defense rating (for sin/shadows).

So, except of styrak, there is no nim-last-boss, where hybrid gear is really helpful. However, I can just speak for shadows, because I don't played vanguard and/or guardian since launch of 5.0 in last-boss-fights.

And, after that, when I currently have to carry my dps with hybrid or dps gear, there is something wrong and the "bad awakening" will happen after the next level cap increase, when we won't be as overgeared as we are now.
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10.26.2017 , 06:37 PM | #6
4000 defense points is pretty much the cap for defense.
I'm at 40 percent defense on my assassin.
The fortunate redoubt procced (gives 1000 defense/ 6 seconds) and I got a whopping 2 percent boost :P

Its a 3 to 1 ratio from 3k to 4k defense points, then it jumps to 5 to 1 ratio after.
I run the old 2 piece (5 shield chance boost with dark ward up) and new 4 piece tank set.

Deflection with this amount of defense, makes pretty guarantees almost all M/R attacks miss for 12 or 15 seconds.
I lose armor with the old set but armor is not as important for assassins as it is for other tanks.

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10.30.2017 , 02:34 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by CarlGustaf View Post
I for myself use Tank B mods (208 endurance) and tank enhancements with 183 end, 220 shild / absorp. So the more "usefull" tank stats shild and absorp are maximised and the stat defence we have plentiful minimised.
I gear with low defense / high endurance mods and high endurance / high tertiary / low defense mods too. When I went with the higher defense rating "optimized" stuff I actually felt squishier because the tendency toward spike damage meant k had less endurance left after a spike. But obviously I don't want to sacrifice shield or absorb to do it.