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Healing is very clunky without mouseover macros

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Healing is very clunky without mouseover macros

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04.13.2016 , 08:13 PM | #11
unfortunately, using macro programs outside of the game are against the tos, they really need to add macros

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04.13.2016 , 08:22 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by banimoka View Post
i thought i would give swtor healing a try but it's very annoying to heal by clicking on every different target

i hope u guys consider introducing mouseover healing or macros
When I started playing at launch I had been very much used to mouseover healing and macros (played a priest in WoW for seven years). The fact of the matter is that you get used to clicking and healing; it ain't that big a deal.
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04.16.2016 , 10:41 AM | #13
Healing is easy without macros. I'd rather not have automated everything like WoW, thank you.
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03.26.2017 , 09:18 PM | #14
Most of the market disagrees with you. That is why this game went F2P so fast. I played for the first 6 months till the entire guild had quit, and I couldn't find a flashpoint group to save my life. Almost no one would heal, and I'd be in queue for over an hour waiting. Finally got bored & quit.

Started playing again in 2015, barely did any group activities for same issue, screwed up a quest (dropped it and couldn't retake it because the giver was in a prior quest phase) - CS wouldn't restore the line so I could continue - I left for boredom and the frustration.

Group endeavors with a 4 man group size need 25% played healers to have smooth function. Playing a healer with this UI is twice the clicking/targeting/casting as a tank or DPS.

So started again recently, noticed we have a "support droid" added to the game, and all the companions can be made to heal. What was that about macros/addons making bots? Seems they have been forced to include them by means of NPC, why can't they implement a click cast interface and make healing a bearable role? Would be so easy given the numerous past examples in other game's player mods to work off of.

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04.20.2017 , 04:40 PM | #15
This is the biggest Achilles heel of this game. And they apparently will ride their opinion to ruin. Its a primary factor in the sub loss early on that led to F2P.

Group size being 4, you need 25% played healers (1/4 of those playing) to have easily formed groups. It didn't happen, after waiting 2 months to get a group to do a hard mode flashpoint on my Knight, I finally quit the first time 6 months in or so.

Other MMOs have faced this - WOW allowed player mods, click-cast interfaces were made and continue to be popular for groups and raids and notably WoW is a smashing success. A WoW clone (some of the same devs) Rift was initially like SWTOR and did not allow player mods, it too suffered the exact problem this game does, couldn't find groups in any reasonable time frame. I bailed after 6-8 months because again, nothing could be accomplished on a group setting. I went back and played a couple years later - they now allow player mods and someone had made a click-cast interface for the game. Oh, and you could get groups to do stuff. While it helped though, failing at launch to address this will always be a hobble to that game since it killed off its initial press early.

This game is good in many places, but its major failings are healing and companion influence/mission problems (finding the best path for convos to gain influence is tedious as hell, and often winds up with lost quest chains if you abandon to retake as they don't all allow you to retake the mission once dropped - horrible design).

Healing takes twice the actions of DPS or tank roles, you constantly are changing targets whereas they can focus. Without some UI aid, it becomes tedious and overly demanding to where most don't want to bother with it. That unbalances your player base roles and disrupts the content design.

So, either allow player mods (though are enough interested in playing now that anyone would put in the effort) or develop an in game click-cast interface. Mouse over macros are better than what we have, but ultimately having done both click-cast frames beats all. If I was designing a game today, that would be in by default.