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Stopping the mouse veering off screen with a dual monitor setup

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Stopping the mouse veering off screen with a dual monitor setup

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05.05.2020 , 05:41 AM | #1
Hi, so i'm running a dual monitor setup and every time i try to play a galactic starfighter battle i end up constantly clicking off screen causing me to remain turning while i try to figure out for that split second why nothing is working. I've tried changing to fullscreen to see if that would lock my cursor to SWTOR but it didn't work so i'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem and has a fix

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05.27.2020 , 03:47 PM | #2
The answer I actually recommend is switching from large movements to smaller ones, such that you don't need any fix.

That being said, this bothered me for quite awhile, and I did, for several years, run a fix. Here's a thread from 2013:

The following links to programs that do what you ask are in that thread:

The one I used a bunch of back in the day was the dual monitor tool from sourceforge, the second link. It has a settable hotkey that could lock the mouse, and then I could spaz all around with it just like back when I had one monitor. I haven't tested these under Windows 10: The Final Spyware or whatever, so no promises.

Finally, here's my suggestion for learning to not need this: pretend that your steering is similar to your aiming, and that oversteering, just like overaiming, has consequences. It actually sort of does. For instance, lets say an enemy requires you to pitch directly upward to hit them. In universe A, you quickly snap your mouse to the top of the screen; this goes well beyond the point of maximum pitch, and you pitch maximally until the enemy is within the arc, at which point, you must begin aiming, moving the cursor down from the top of the screen where you flicked it. In universe B, you quickly snap your mouse to a position that is good for maximal pitch, but is not all the way at the top of the screen. You have control over the cursor and know exactly where it landed. In both universes, you pitch to the maximum extent, and in universe B, you have an easier time aiming when the enemy comes under arc. It does take some effort to do that, but it will serve as a mild improvement. In the mean time, try one of those programs and report back to tell us if it works, so that we know how to answer this question next month too :P
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