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Best Spec for PvP

Dkrewe's Avatar

12.28.2018 , 10:12 PM | #1
So I decided to main this class because I wanted to use ambush tactics to take out healers/snipers etc (the important targets).

Which of the specs for Assassin will let me do this the best? I've been playing with all three so am pretty familiar with the skills but am still learning and am curious which one will have the best performance for what I want to do once I fully get the hang of it and the gear.

Kyrastorm's Avatar

12.31.2018 , 01:04 PM | #2
Deception is our burst spec. Played right you can take out single targets fairly quick.
When people ask "what spec should I run/play for PvP?", I say the 1 you play best or enjoy playing the most.
It does entail some trial and error and choosing your utilities for PvP is up to you as well.
Good guides like Dulfy or Kreia can help in picking them, rotation or priority abilities, and optimal stats as well.

DaddyDespacito's Avatar

01.24.2019 , 02:52 AM | #3
Hatred is an extremely powerful pressure spec in PvP and if you look at server DPS records youíll find that hatred outscores every other spec by a margin of about 3K DPS (the record being a 13K DPS Voidstar). Hatred parses a lot higher than it used to as well, relative to other classes, and you can kill most classes pretty fast with it while burning down multiple targets with your DoTs. Deception has significantly better survivability, has harder hitting moves, and is so much more versatile than hatred in duels as it doesnít have any auto loss matchups (hatred sin should never beat a concealment op, for example). However, because Hatred can sustain ~11.3k DPS on one target while also having access to the best DoT spread in the game, I would honestly recommend hatred. It is also important to consider that while the spec hits lighter, a 17K assassinate with a 4K discharge tick and a 3K CT tick is about the same as deceptionís 25K maul crits, and more sustainable. Even if the other team has a good cleanser, you still force GCDs that canít go towards healing a target that, for example, your group might be tunnelling. Iíve put a few thousand hours into both specs, and I think in todayís meta hatred is the stronger spec. Also who doesnít love a meme comp of 4 hatred sins? Hereís a video of a quick solo kill in a hypergate as hatred... hope it inspires you
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