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SWTOR Classic, would you play? resub for this?

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SWTOR Classic, would you play? resub for this?

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09.17.2019 , 11:16 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Icestar View Post

No way, I was there with all the launch problems and the bugs. the really nasty imbalancing.

I would never start on a classic server
How about a 3.3 server?

Id especially like 3.3 pvp gearing
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09.18.2019 , 01:28 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by ShieldProtection View Post
if they do a SWTOR Classic with everything original 2011 release status, would you play it? or are you happy with current status of the game? Would you buy a sub just for this?
No. No. And no.

I remember running around without a speeder until Tatooine. Or not automatically opening quick travel points. No legacy system. Ilum massacre. Massive PvP faction imbalance. That all wasn't funny. No, thanks.

I would prefer the game as it is now (without the Ossus grind) but with regular small game updates (content) as well as loot updates (shinies and stuff). I don't see anything interesting for me coming with 6.0 except the bit of new story.
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09.18.2019 , 04:56 AM | #43
As many people already addressed the real concern, there just wouldnt be any content to play. Swtor was released with limited content and all foces was aimed at the class stories, which you were supposed to play over and over again with different styles. You made a male sentinel and went light side, married Kira etc. Then you made a female sentinel went dark side etc. This was the concept of classic Swtor.

Another problem with this is that veteran players played this far too many times already! The game consistently lacked content and we kept on playing the same class stories, flashpoints, operations over and over so there really is nothing new that would come from Swtor classic. Not to mention as people said the QoL things that have been added. People have no idea how it was when speeders were not allowed on fleet!!

I have suggested it many times, what could work are "Era servers" there would be a 2.0 and 3.0 for example. This would have more content and some of the newer features. Surely they would have to include things like GSF, Outfit designer, Strongholds etc, those are things people are used to already. I think these servers could work, but not a Classic Swtor 1.0
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09.18.2019 , 05:43 AM | #44
Classic? No.

Considering the QoL changes alone (win for legacy datacrons etc), I'd probably hate it, even if it came with some more content than vanilla launched with.

I think if there was one with the old skill trees / 3.0 PvP gearing / all the content up to 5.0 onwards I'd definitely consider it.
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09.18.2019 , 02:25 PM | #45
SWTOR Classic?? Nope
SWG Classic?? Oh Yea
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09.18.2019 , 02:59 PM | #46
OP: Been there, done that, for a looonnnggg time. Need new, substantial content to keep my interest or my XBox or PS4 starts looking real good.

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09.18.2019 , 04:21 PM | #47
Quote: Originally Posted by albeva View Post
If we are talking strictly 1.0 release - then no. Game content was far too limited, many aspects unfinished. With very little to do once finished class story.

However what I would love to see is return to game design philosophy that defined pre 4.0 era. Several people here pointed out quality of life improvements - in my opinion they are double edged swords. Some have been very beneficial to the game with no negative consequences while others ... have utterly ruined the game.

Travelling options: on one hand it is NICE and HANDY being able to get to any part of the game in minutes at any time. Makes everything convenient. However the same QoL features have irrevocably ruined the in game universe and reduced it to little more than a shopping parade. Planets and the universe no longer have any scope, getting places is no longer a journey, no sense of accomplishment in being able to unlock all quick travel points or flight masters. I haven't used my personal star ship in YEARS for anything other thin pickup next purple mission.

Back in the day unlocking first speeder was awesome - it was an accomplishment and made a huge difference. Now people get mounts left and right, heck even speeder piloting drops right off the bat the moment you turn level 10 I think.

Levelling is way too easy. It has turned a dangerous environment into solo arcade. To do whole class story you never once need to upgrade your gear from white trash you start with. There is very little danger, no need to group up or interact with anyone. It is now a solo game with even flashpoints turned into solo-able experiences.
I agree with all of this as something that would be useful for a swtor classic server. I would add skill trees, no level sync, the state of the economy at the time, and - more controversially - a permanent pvp flag.

That is, swtor classic, but make it a pvp server. I got into owpvp very reluctantly when I ran out of space for chars in BC and made a new legacy on Bastion. I was surprised how much fun I had, even though it came with the risk of getting ganked by some lvl 55 cruising through the lowbie planets. Hoth Starship Graveyard was a death trap, as was Voss at the Shrine of Healing. Often House Alde too. But it made the game more exciting and added an extra layer of difficulty. This would also reduce the number of players streaming in to something manageable.

I would also like to see this swtor classic have a one-time only Chevin event, and one-time only Rakghoul event on Tat. I missed both of those, and I heard they were pretty interesting; the rakghoul one was supposedly a lot better than what we have now. Also Relics of the Gree. I think those three were the only pre-3.0 events.
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09.18.2019 , 05:24 PM | #48
I'd be down for a level 55, or 60 cap era of the game. I think level 60 was probably the best state of the game.
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09.19.2019 , 06:59 PM | #49
The appeal of SWTOR Classic for me would be accessing all that content that was removed, particularly in patch 4.0. But rather than releasing Classic servers, I'd rather they just add that content back into the current game.

Things like:
-Removed Ilum missions
-Choosing your advanced class
-Planetary commendation vendors
-Removed mission rewards and loot from FPs
-Old crew skill schematics
-Heroic mission turn-in conversations
-FP and bonus series breadcrumb missions
-Areas that were removed to make some missions faster and easier

Another effect of Classic might be to bring back a sense of community, as there was a lot more content that required player interaction and coordination: heroic missions, no group finder.

Now, much like WoW retail, there's a strong disregard for the social element of the game. Strangers are more like "nobodies who are in the way" than "potential friends to group with again later." Though SWTOR was always a gamble in trying to fit single-player Bioware RPG storytelling into an MMO.

Leveling was a lot slower and mobs were a lot tougher. Elites and class story bosses actually felt like a challenge. Also no planetary level sync and I think some folks preferred the old skill tree system.

For me, overall, I'd say most of the desirable traits of a Classic server could simply be added back into the current game. There's just too much content that was added post-Vanilla which I would want access to for me to commit to a SWTOR Classic server for more than a couple months.

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09.20.2019 , 02:59 PM | #50
Quote: Originally Posted by Drenovade View Post
Also no planetary level sync.
No level sync period, not on planets / in flashpoints or in operations. It was fun, made levelling seem like a worthwhile endeavour being able to go back and being overpowered for older content that you've run countless times already.

Or finally being able to beat that over-tuned operation that casuals sometimes struggle with.
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