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Complete the Stronghold

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01.05.2019 , 12:17 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Xina_LA View Post
Those are some nice ideas, using existing decorations, but here are ones that I would love to see in a bundle:

* A shower kit (medium/large floor hook). Maybe a nice sonic shower?
* A sink (small floor hook). Feel free to re-use the bowl from the wall fountain, just don't use a wall hook because it will never be close enough to the floor.
* A shelf of food items, basically a pantry shelf.
* A shelf of cooking utensils, pots and pans.
* An indoor stove that doesn't smoke, similar to the BBQ we already have.
* Something that looks a bit like a microwave (wall small hook).
* Counter space with cutting boards, utensils, and jars of spices etc. (floor medium narrow/medium)
* Wall shelves with food items (wall small/medium).
* A well-stocked wine rack.

Yes, it's "playing house", but that's the biggest thing to do with strongholds, as they haven't released new utility items (IE: mission consoles) in some time (ever?).

I'm also hoping for the Roast Gorak vendor from Asylum as a Large hook item.
All of this! BW, are you listening?!

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01.13.2019 , 10:02 PM | #12
Theres already kitchen decorations in game lol.

I dont think they will add bathroom decorations though cuz well on first instance we are yet to see a freaking bathroom on star wars anywhere.
Also because I think it would feel like an april fools joke to start advertising toilets on the CM.
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