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Emote Suggestion Thread

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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08.28.2019 , 07:10 AM | #311
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexDougherty View Post
/The Fonz, silliest of all, but I really want it.
Not silly at all, I'd think it'd be cool, after all, we have 'The fresh', PBJ, No bones, to name but a few. The fonz would be cool

---(Fake vomit's at que and maybe even expand visual of cheeks and turn GREEN a little?)

Also this, as we've already have some NPC's that do it (Coruscant & dantooine, spring to mind )
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09.05.2019 , 03:53 AM | #312
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth-Funeral View Post
  1. Hands folded in the back (without time-limit)
  2. Arms crossed in front of chest (without time-limit)
  3. Lean against wall/door (without time-limit)
  4. Fix the /flourish (LS still active once the emote ends)
  5. New "show-off" emotes similar to /flourish
  6. Taunt - check Jedi Knight 2
  7. Walk up and down with hands folded in the back (like the Kel'Dor Jedi Decoration; without time-limit)
  8. Walk up and down like Health regeneration skill from the Inquisitor but without the red glow and without time-limit
  9. Meditate on knees
  10. Different Lightsaber-Stances e.g. Obi-Wans LS over Head Pose or Dookus Makashi Greeting
Like literally this. People have been asking for some of these since 2014, we lack these and a lot of others in game and it's frustrating to see how much our requests get ignored...

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10.22.2019 , 06:02 PM | #313
10 more suggestions

An easy one is a pole dance since there are holos already and live entertainer on Hutta,
2 arms up for a score,
cover ears,
roll on the ground.
sit and eat,
pour drink,
loot another easy one-
card throw,
dark cloud rains on you,
muddy tracks

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12.11.2019 , 03:38 PM | #314
More couples type dances to use with companions? Romantic couples dances for romanced companions would be a great Valentine's Day thing.
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02.08.2020 , 04:42 PM | #315
Has anything from this list ever make it in?
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