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12.10.2018 , 01:02 PM | #1
Please add the typical Chiss-military Uniform to the shop.
Actually it is not possible for all playable chars to wear the typical chiss-uniform in the game.
These uniforms can be seen on multiple places, like on the Imperial Fleet, Hoth or Odessen. All the Chiss in CEDF-Uniform have these characteric uniform parts with the square parts with the "hole" on their upper arms and upper legs. Also these uniforms have the insignia of the Chiss Ascendancy on the right upper arm.

As a Chiss-roleplayer I would gladly spend as much money in the store for such a uniform like others pay for these platinum-light-sabres

I know that chars of the imperial agent-class can use the Chiss-uniform by taking it from of Ensign Temple.
Biut I would like to make it available for all my char-classes.

I also know that at least the top of the Outlaw-Set can be used by all classes, but without the characteristic trousers it is not complete.

It should be easy to implement this uniform to the shop because it already exists (Ensign Temple is wearing it).

Here a picture wehre I have combined the complete Ensign-Temple-uniform with the Outlaw-top.
Ash'ahi'nuruodo, Sar'osta'miurani, Sav'ara'nuruodo

Server Tulak Hord

Capella's Avatar

12.14.2018 , 01:32 PM | #2
This would be nice to have. I was surprised it didn't happen with Copero.

Mardonius's Avatar

01.10.2019 , 04:50 PM | #3
Yes - I was also hoped that by accepting Ensign Temple after the Copero-Story the Chiss-Uniform would be available for all classes.
But only the original Ensign temple of the Imperial Agent Class has the possibility that you can transfer her CEDF-Uniform to your main Char.
The After-Copero-CEDF-Uniform of Ensign Temple could not be transferred to the optical slots.

So it would be great for Chiss-roleplayers if the typical CEDF-Uniform would be available for all classes.

The easiest way for BW (and also an opportunity to get some money) would be to add the uniform in the item-shop.

Other alternatives would be to make it possible to add teh uniform of Copero-Temple to the optical slots of the char. or to make the original-Temple-Uniform bind-for-account, so it could be sent within an account.
Ash'ahi'nuruodo, Sar'osta'miurani, Sav'ara'nuruodo

Server Tulak Hord