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New PVPer trying to Play a Ranked Match

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New PVPer trying to Play a Ranked Match

limenutpen's Avatar

10.27.2020 , 01:59 AM | #11
On DM as DD I have a pop every 2/5 mins (say from 1500 to midnight CET time).

If you are a healer or a tank the wait extends to 5/10 mins.

BTW are you level 75 cause in this season (13) I heard SF and SS times of que are pretty good as well.

It is also important to have 306 gear, one of the correct tactical for your class, and have a basic knowledge.
I think they implemented a 306 gate now, not sure about that since all my characters are 306.

The problem in ranked is that no one can practice Arena before going in so peeps, enter with a WZ mentality and they get screwed.
Special note, please BW please do a separate not-Ranked Arena pop with a daily/weekly so people who are interested have a place where to train. I have been asking this since it launched.