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Master Mode GoTM Tuning Vs 258 Gear Vs Command Crates

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Master Mode GoTM Tuning Vs 258 Gear Vs Command Crates

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11.12.2018 , 01:32 PM | #1
So as I have tried to delve into most of the recent things I have read, heard or seen on PTS. I have heard that NiM GoTM is being tuned closer to 258 Gear Vs 252. Personally I think every boss save for perhaps the last should be tuned to 252. I say that because if you are a skillful player and in a skilled group you can clear NiM with a gear tier below the "recommended item level" CAUTION it will not be easy but it can be done. Next item on my list is gear specifically 258 gear. I have no qualms with it being harder to get since anything pre 4.0 KoTFE. My issue with the gear is how Mods and Enhancements are now tied to the gear piece they came from. For example a Boot Enhacement can only be used in a boot? I am not sure what Devs are thinking but this is wrong on so many levels due to Min/Maxing. I am all for the armoring being bound to the slotted gear piece but not the other stuff, so I implore you to remedy that before you go live with 5.10 unless of course you want to kill your player base even more. Lastly we have another issue with how you are handling gear What about PVP players? Are you truly going to force them to go do Ossus dailies? I think the way you fix this is really super simple. Bring back EXPERTISE Gear. I understand how easy and great it is to only need one set of gear now is but really back in 3.0 was it hard to get a PVP set at least the one that came from doing regs? No, it was not hard to get that.... I understand that a new expansion is planned and in the works however you have to think of how to make the gear within reach specifically for the people who do Ranked PVP and top end raiding i.e. Nightmare or Master Mode. Do i think casual players need BIS gear? No, I am sorry folks but you do not. There is bolster in GF and Regs and probably some in ranked. However that said you implemented Galactic Command and its your child now. So my advice is make the drop rate for the currency that is used on Ossus for said gear piece drop at a higher rate then you planed make it that you get one currency per crate per Command Level beyond 300. I believe that might make the gearing too easy to get but my concern is for the PVP players not the PVE folks or even the casual player.

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