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Most satisfying class

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Most satisfying class

CMonsterGT's Avatar

06.23.2014 , 04:25 PM | #21
SWTOR is my first MMO, and the Sentinel was my first Toon. With the lack of experience in an MMO and SWTOR specifically, it was tough, not to mention the issue with DPS being the most common tree.

Storylines, I enjoyed the Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, and Jedi Knight storylines the best, with the more boring ones being the Inquisitor and Consular (although, to be fair, I'm only level 40 on each).

Favorite moves are the Rocket Punch and Death from Above from the Bounty Hunter and the AoE lightning effect from the Inquisitor.

Class Roles, I like healing and tanking more than straight DPS, and my favorite toon to heal on is the Bounty Hunter, and my favorite tank has been the Vanguard with the harpoon. That's the coolest move in PvP. My only DPS is the Sentinel and I love the fact that he has dual lightsabers, even though he is the toughest character to keep alive (for me at least).

Favorite Companions, I like HK, but never really used him a lot after unlocking him.

JouerTue's Avatar

06.23.2014 , 04:38 PM | #22
my favourite for satisfaction level are vanguard and sentinel, followed closely by operative and inquisitor in general..
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StormTerminus's Avatar

06.24.2014 , 01:33 PM | #23
For me the most satisfying to play is my Sentinel. I love the animations, I love the mobility, I love the range of actions and I love playing him. When i am on my game it just feels so epic. It is a wonderful class to play.

sanctified's Avatar

06.24.2014 , 07:27 PM | #24
It's a toss-up between my two tanks; my Powertech and my Juggernaut. Love 'em both.

The Juggernaut animations are great, and Saber reflect lets you perform some pretty spectacular pulls. Leveling it was annoying due to how back-loaded the immortal tree is, but it's worth the effort.

The Powertech was a literal blast right out of the gate. Too much fun. That iconic looking armor combined with all the gratuitous explosions and fire. Good times guaranteed.
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Nmyownworld's Avatar

06.25.2014 , 08:13 AM | #25
Smuggler is my favorite because Han Solo and Lando Calrissian are my favorite Star Wars characters. Gunslinger because wielding two blasters is great. This is my first MMO, and Smuggler was the first class I played. Even though I had zero MMO experience, the Smuggler's progression of fighting abilities were fairly intuitive and understandable. And, the Smuggler's spaceship makes my Star Wars loving heart sing. A morally ambiguous Smuggler is great fun, because all of her choices feel right, whether she's self-serving, or self-sacrificing.

I enjoyed the Sith Inquisitor story line, the character starting as a slave, and how her life changes through the class story. And, lightning! Lots of lightning! The first time I saw the SI's regen, Seethe, I loved the look of it. My Sith Sorcerer was the first time I played a healer, and an Empire character.

I have a Vanguard tank specc'd, however, after completing chapter 3, she pretty much became a crafter/bank. I made a Commando to try Trooper as a healer. It didn't feel like a good fit for me. I respecc'd my Commando to DPS, and I love playing her. The combo of ranged DPS with a few side heals is fun for me.