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07.31.2019 , 11:43 AM | #1
Hello Community,
i am King Skagón and i play Star Wars the old republic on "Tulak Hord".
My idea ist a function to make, "the alliancepackets give to the specialist of Odessen", easier than before.
I thought, someone could push a button "Alliancepacketport to Odessen", after that must choose how many packets you wanna give to odessen, maybe 5 or 10 (every specialist has a button). This function must cost maybe 50,000 Credits. But it's easier than having to travel all the time and always having to read the same dialogues, I personally think it's worth spending a little credits on it.

So tell me if you like the idea or if it would have a negative effect. Excuse my English, I hope you understand me

~King Skagón