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Man I wish We had more players to play in arena.

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Man I wish We had more players to play in arena.


07.15.2014 , 07:01 PM | #1
Player1 "Man, I wish we had more people to queue in ranked solo..."

Player2 "Sure, but, I'm kinda new to it. "

Player 1 "You Fukin garbage ***, bundle of sticks, scrub, don't you ever play ranked" "In Fact, im going to add you to my ignore list" "I'll make sure General Chat knows how much of a bundle of sticks scrub you are"


Troll2 "Obviously, all of you are bundle of sticks because I crap pure skill #yoloswagmlg4life420"

Player2 Unsubbed.

Player1 "Man, I wish we had more people to queue in ranked solo..."

I hope you all understand my point in this rant.... Also how often have you seen this sorta thing happen on your sever?

I understand this is a "BIG BOYS" game. But for **** sakes, this game is not the MLG Olympics. In fact If i go on right now I see NOBODY WATCHING YOU *******S IN THIS GAME. This game is blatantly unpopular (With many good reasons) Some of you nerds will go out of your way to harass anyone new .. Thus we as a community suffer as a whole.

(Probable next post in response to my rant) Troll1 "Sounds like somebody is butt hurt because they need to L2P"

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07.15.2014 , 08:14 PM | #2
You make a good point and it is rather sad. I understand people who are mad when an under geared player and/or troll hurts their rating but just because a person is new or not very good is not any reason to attack them. The system should put this person with other bad players and if the system doesn't then it is BW's fault not the player.

If a person is a terrible tank or healer it is alright to ask them to please go dps before q'n again though as long as you are nice about it the first match. It is rather rude for a beyond terrible healer/tank to keep q'n as that spec. By terrible I mean doesn't guard or doesn't even try to heal the rest of the team. If they are just bad then I think it is still wrong to attack them as long as they are geared.

One interesting thing I've seen is that the main q sync guild on my server actually attacks anyone else q'n when they are (even if the person is better than them). This is really pitiful as they just want to make sure their q sync works. This really kills population and is a big reason why I want ranked to be mixed faction teams.


07.15.2014 , 08:22 PM | #3
That's another good thing you pointed out. People burn the tank and healer players and demand to be carried by them. If not then you are also a garbage player. A lot rides on them and one flaw can cause you much hate.

I'm just sick of all the bickering nerds. Of course it won't stop! this is the internet! My job is to at least bring some kind of awareness to this type of harassment.

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07.15.2014 , 08:35 PM | #4
These reasons are why I try to offer advice to people and suggest that they play regs until having atleast fully augmented Obroan. Everyone involved will have a better time if everyone in the game is geared. Usually, gear = knowledge enough not to suck at the class... but we all know that isn't always the case. Being fully geared just gives one less excuse for people to call you out on being a bad player. Please be geared and your skill will almost definitely be better than someone who didn't take the time to gear up before entering the ranked arenas.

I will always help out my fellow tanks, because I want to get pops. It's counterproductive to badmouth your opposing tank/healer because that means it's one less tank/healer queueing against you. If you are a tank/healer who loses a lot, don't give up. Ask your enemy how to improve because clearly they have a better idea than you. I think if we all just help each-other out instead of calling everyone you beat a ******* the community will be a far better place... but I think I expect too much. Just tell people what they did wrong without discouraging them from playing this game. The population is low enough and EAware does a fine enough job turning people away. We don't need to help the unsub numbers.

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07.16.2014 , 01:39 AM | #5
Unfortunately gear is just a senseless grind when it comes to pvp. Players told so before the patch... they still introduced a new level... *sigh*

But the OP has much truth in his words. And unfortunately, if you have 8 players (4vs4) and only one of them is an *hole... that's enough to ruin it for anyone new. :/

Oh well: since arenas are idiotic as long as they don't follow the tank+heal+2dd rule of the 4 player groups this game was designed to deploy, there will always just be the "one group rolls over the other" matchup that ruins probably more people out of the system than flaming... The hole thing is just a lineup-lottery. There should never ever have been a thing as "solo" and "ranked" in one queue-system.

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07.16.2014 , 04:53 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by AxeDragoneth View Post
I will always help out my fellow tanks, because I want to get pops. It's counterproductive to badmouth your opposing tank/healer because that means it's one less tank/healer queueing against you.
I have a tank.
I have decent gear.
I tried ranked.
I was chewed out for not doing hard guard switch and only guarding the healer.
This was the second time I tried ranked.
I have not tried again.

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07.16.2014 , 06:03 AM | #7
I have created an initiative on TOFN, we call it DFA. This alliance of guilds is aimed at improving both PVP and PVE. What you describe is pretty much spot on. I fail to comprehend this logic when it comes to certain PVP-ers. They complain not enough people, not enough warzones, and when you bring people together for that you are faced with comments of the sort 'G T F O, PVE Hero, carry me. Noob, scrub'.

It is mind boggling to see such attitude given the current state of the game. Every monday we queue all over TOFN making ranked instant for most. I don't know but some people do nothing but kill the mood for others. Some of us are segregated because we play another area of the game but little do they know that we were 24/7 pvp-ers and had to stop because our teams quit when ranked was removed.

I have also noticed lack of interest in balancing the factions, at least on my server. Some spend the better part of the day quitting warzones on purpose, alienating people and making them to avoid pvp and promote the empire side as being stronger.

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07.16.2014 , 07:18 AM | #8
sure the public atmosphere plays a small part, but the real reason people dont do areanas(grouped atleast) is because very few people want to play a tank or a healer. Even fewer people know how to play tank classes(im one of them).

Yet throughout swtor arenas short life, teams are force to have half their teams comprised of tanks and healers.

News flash, halve the player base dont want to play these class types. Especially the casual crowd.

Until you see the reign of rockstar tank healer combos, this game will always have no one queing for ranked.

Not because they are scared of getting beat, or because they dont have the gear. Its because no one wants to play a game where you spend 3 to 4 minutes repeating the same rotations over and over again, against a guy whose health seems never ending.
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07.16.2014 , 07:22 AM | #9
arenas are uninteresting and boring.

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07.16.2014 , 07:35 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Thaladan View Post
arenas are uninteresting and boring.
As opposed to the 'bubble stun' ranked warzone era, where planet of the apes, i mean smash spec ruled the world with 5 singularities, singularities from stasis, etc.