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Mercenary Changes Brainstorming

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Mercenary Changes Brainstorming
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NathanielStarr's Avatar

10.28.2013 , 05:06 PM | #21
I say give electro bolt back it's 30 meter range and make concussion missile an instant cast.

I would also like the heat of missile blast be reduced.

Also Power Shot is useless. If you could do something to make me want to use that I wouldn't be against it.

Also please do not change the animation to Tracer Missile back, the old one was ridiculous. I think other classes just want to make it more easily spotted so they can interrupt it more often. If we are squatting like we are about to drop a log they will see it coming.

Qaletaqaa's Avatar

10.28.2013 , 05:09 PM | #22
I would like to see a set bonus change back to the old free railshot, or just bake it into upgraded arsenal. I would also like to see a barrage proc also reduce the heat cost of the next unload as well. Pinning Fire doesn't really seem to do enough to merit two talents points. It would be nice if it made Unload castable while moving.

ekimmak's Avatar

10.28.2013 , 05:10 PM | #23
Ok, thought for one of the healing skills. Haven't looked at my merc lately, so don't know if it's the right name, but...

Supercharge Cylinders: It can now be used at any level of supercharged gas, but still consumes all of them and prevents them from building. It does, however, inflict a long term debuff, that prevents supercharge cylinders from being activated at anything less than 30 stacks. Each stack consumed reduces the duration of the debuff, to the point that 30 stacks will not activate the debuff.

This is to make it into an emergency healing skill if you desperately need to get it off twice in a row, sort of like how sentinels can gain 30 centering in an instant with a cooldown.
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Elfa's Avatar

10.28.2013 , 05:44 PM | #24
Give Death From Above a 5 target AOE heal in addition to it's damage. This would be helpful on healing Melee and allow Mercs to add to operational healing without losing DPS and due to the cooldown would not be over powered.
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NathanielStarr's Avatar

10.28.2013 , 05:45 PM | #25
This post is written with arsenal mercs in mind and while I don't have suggestions for most of them, to me these are some of the more glaring questions.

What does everyone think of being able to be interrupted?

There are other higher dps classes that cannot be interrupted, so why do arsenal mercs have this disadvantage? I feel this is mostly a carry over from world of warcraft just because that is what they have on their casters. We need some beneficial trade off for this.

Why is our resource management so bad compared to other classes?

These other classes have the same output (or even better) and can do it for longer. We need some beneficial trade off for this or it needs to be brought in line with other classes.

We have terrible surviveability compared to snipers who are also a ranged class (that have higher dps).

Our shield is a measly 25% with such a long cool down. We also rarely get to enjoy the kolto overload because we don't have the defenses that powertechs have (especially since many of them dabble in the tank tree). When it does get to kick in we don't have suitable defenses to let it really get going. I am usually dead before I am able to see any benefit from it. Then I have to wait 3 minutes for it to fail me again.

Stealth classes eat us alive. Trying to find that assassin, operative or marauder that just disappeared with our Stealth scan is a shot in the dark. This is not an anti-stealther tool as much as it is something to play with while you are bored and guarding a node.

Make it so any within a certain range are exposed and increase the cool down. This would give us some defense as a class that is perhaps the most immobile in the game (snipers have roll) against these types that love to go after us for easy kills. This is part of the reason we are considered dead weight in arenas. Making us an anti-stealth class would make us much more desirable in PvP and could let you get away with some of the buffs that DPS operatives need.

Why are arsenal mercs essentially snipers with a bunch of handicaps that result in much less surviveability and less overall damage per second? This is honestly what it comes down to. Even in operations groups they'd rather have a sniper. Any off heals we offer are not substantial enough to be considered.

DarthBloodloss's Avatar

10.28.2013 , 06:08 PM | #26
Some recent posts reminded me of these, so I'll throw more random opinions out there:

Power Shot: Only useful when someone interrupts Tracer.....but if someone is interrupting Tracer then I'm probably about to run away. I think I have used Power Shot twice in the last couple months, even though I have it bound for easy use.

Pinning Fire from Unload: The numbers suggest it is a decent ability, but in practical useage I don't ever feel it helps. I'm not sure if I'm simply using it when they have CDs up or not, but I would expect a more noticeable effect from an alleged 70% snare. Like I said, maybe its just me. I'm not saying its bugged, but it feels lackluster and I don't usually take the skill box anymore (even in PvP).

Missile Blast: Probably under-used by a lot of Mercs. We try to stay away from it due to heat cost, and then forget to use it when needed because we are used to NOT using it. Its only good as a finisher on someone who's at the verge of death. But spamming 3 of these screws you up for the next short time due to heat. It could use a slight heat reduction, or even a damage boost and "finisher" requirements where they need to be under 30% health.

Concussion Missile: Would be nice if it could be insta-cast without forcing us to waste a Power Surge. Maybe it could be instant cast if PS or TSO is active, but it would not use a charge. (I realize TSO is non related to cast time, but it might be cool if it could be triggered as instant in some way other than a PS charge.) For example (not an actual suggestion, just a random example), Rocket Punch makes next Concussion Missile instant cast if used in the next 4 seconds. Just ANYTHING to make it instant without Power Surge.

Sweeping Blasters: Remove the delay before the first damage tick. It used to instantly do damage and would be nice if it was reverted.

30m Electro Dart: This could possibly hurt Mercs because when we use Hydraulic Overrides, no one can snare, root, or stun us (due to range). But if other Mercs had 30m stun, we would have our Hydraulic Overrides wasted sometimes because we would get stunned from 25m away, when currently thats not possible. Getting stunned during HO frequently results in a death, because we wait til things get out of control before using HO. I feel this could hurt us more than help us, similarly to the situation with Sorc DoT cleanse changes.

Heal Spec Rapid Shots on Self: This should be allowed and the animation could just be that the BH uses his wrist display (like a Predator from the movies), similar to when you use Power Surge. No reason to not allow self healing.

Thermal Detonator should be uncleansable.

Add a tier 1 skill box to give Rocket Punch a KB instead of a root, so people have a choice of which they want.
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Hell_Kaiser_Fett's Avatar

10.28.2013 , 06:15 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by Vandicus View Post
The issue is not with our damage, and its not even with our burst. When I play merc dps in pvp, I always wonder why I'm not playing another of my characters(I play my merc because it was my main for pve and my first char, so it has all my stuff on it). I don't think any player should get the feeling of, "Why am I playing this class?" for either pvp or pve.
That is exactly how I feel down to the letter. My Merc is my first and my main, and has many many more hours invested than any other class. I agree mostly with what you said, however, I also would like if they gave us something to make us more valuable for an op raid, give a group a reason to consider taking a dps Merc over a Mara or Sniper.

Aside from our dps not being able to compete with some of the other classes, we also seem to be more fragile than them as well. So somehow we deal less and can take less than the others, which to me seems messed up. I doubt Bioware meant for it to be that way, but thats how it is. While I have no problem dealing damage in raids and such, I also take more damage too, although that could just be my healers not healing me as frequently.

I also like the idea of a jet pack induced "escape" tactic we can use to increase survivability. My idea would be that it would be an instant cast, and upon activation it would stun, knock back, or slow all enemies within a 5m radius, and either deal X tech damage to them, or even better yet, affect the targets with a DoT burn effect similar to Incendiary Missile, dealing X burn damage over Y seconds, and finally launching the user back 30m and reducing your threat count by X amount. Maybe give it a 1 minute cooldown. The reason behind it working this way would be if you are dpsing and putting out more aggro than your tank, causing enemies to swarm and attack you, it not only gives you a way to escape from being eaten alive, but it also lowers your threat while your tank attempts to regain aggro from you.
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10.28.2013 , 06:42 PM | #28
Eric, the Merc Top 3 Answers thread had alot of the suggestions you are looking for:

swtorsaber's Avatar

10.28.2013 , 07:14 PM | #29

Iíve been playing as a mercenary healer exclusively in PVP since early access. I also have an operative and sage healer that Iíve been playing for a very long time as well.

My mercenary is my favorite of the three healing classes but itís also the most frustrating, both because of how easily itís shut down and how at the end of a match even if you've done your very best and it was an excellent game thereís typically a scoundrel/operative or sage/sorcerer that did much more healing just because of the class difference.

I believe the main problem with the class is its reliance on the two casted abilities and its weakness to interrupts. In PVP, Energy Shield is really only useful for its interrupt immunity when your resolve is full, otherwise youíre just wasting it being stunned and even then you've been more or less waiting in between stuns and interrupts for short moments of time to just be able to use a few casts.

An idea I think may fit the mercenary style of play may be to let Supercharge Gas grant interrupt immunity. How much healing is done during this time-frame could be adjusted by the length of Supercharge Gas and whether both Healing Scan and Rapid Scan are both granted interrupt immunity and the values of their healing with this change in mind.

Another point of frustration in PVP is the use of the free attack/healing ability rapid shots. You really want to use this for the free healing to balance out the heat costs and build stacks of Supercharge Gas, but you also donít want to draw a giant line with lights and sounds exactly to where you are. A change that may alleviate this may be to have Kolto Missile/Emergency Scan build stacks of Supercharge Gas.

Thank you for reading.
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10.28.2013 , 07:23 PM | #30
I really like the idea of having another jetpack ability.(the backwards jump thing sounds good.) other than that I think we should get some help with our heat system.
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