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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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07.11.2013 , 10:02 AM | #521
Got my fresh Guardian to 55 at the weekend (9 calendar days from creation screen to 55 ding) and the first 50 HM I queue for on Sunday morning was Kaon Under Siege. Sage healer (55), commando DPS (53), Sentinel DPS (50), and me, Guardian 50 (wearing about 4 pieces of Black Hole I'd picked up in normal-mode D7 and False Emperor, and a smattering of BoE blue or purple guardian gear that has been sitting in various cargo holds).

After a few fights, I realise our DPS was a little low, and looking around, I see that the "DPS Commando" is actually using Combat Support Cell, and is basically using Hammer Shot, Full Auto, and Explosive Round. Oh, and he's got Trauma Probe on himself. In other words, he seems to be in full Heal spec, but he must have queued as a DPS ... I ask him why he's doing that, but I get no response, he doesn't even change the cell...

The other 3 of us, even me, are adequately geared and know enough of the tactics to cope with this guy, even though he keeps blundering into packs of trash, and standing next to the bloated plaguebearers as they're about to explode -- he dies a lot, but hey, it's all XP for me since he doesn't actually manage to wipe us, until we get to the Bonus boss (the Droid) -- who actually enrages at 20% because this guy is still using the same attacks he got prior to level 10. I've reached the end of my patience with him, and I'm about to vote-kick him when the sage, who's been very laid back so far, votes kick on "Mr DPS Commando", I think the reason was "clueless"

We got a gunslinger DPS as replacement, and needless to say, we easily killed the bonus as well as the last trio.

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07.12.2013 , 07:07 PM | #522
Ran a lowbie Athiss as a healer where the tank imploded on the silver mobs before you even get on the lift. (Not that you even need to kill those, but ... ) I was a few paces out of range as I didn't expect him to aggro, but he just melted beyond saving.

An inspection of him revealed he had four mods in his full set of orange gear. That's four mods total, across all pieces of armor.

EDIT: RE heal on Force Wave:
Quote: Originally Posted by NoFishing View Post
At low levels, I could /maybe/ see taking it since your AoE healing options are pretty limited, and would be a bit more useful while soloing. But it could also be the start of a very bad habit.
I like it to top off between fights, and even now I use it on boss fights that I know the boss can't be knocked back. Free heals is free heals. :P But I can see why using it during trash fights is annoying, and I don't do that. Of course, I'm not max level yet either :P I would take 8% extra healing over it though ... but then I PvP.
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07.12.2013 , 10:51 PM | #523
Quote: Originally Posted by Atramar View Post
dunno why it bothers you, I never drop a guard... it's tanks decision who he wants to guard. if he guards you, it can only mean, he's not sure who will draw aggro from him more, and preffers to put guard atleast on one person, then on noone.

Don't tell tank how to tank and he won't tell you how to heal.

that's what I do on my tank, if dps are not super geared, or equally good geared, I preffer to start with guard on healer, as I don't know how dps will act, and then change guard accordingly to situation.
Yup yup. I don't guard dps unless I'm ordered to on an op. If you are a dps you need to learn what to attack and how not to take excessive damage. If you are drawing agro on hard-hitting mobs you are doing it wrong.

Also if you do heals and you are not worried about catching too much agro then you simply are not healing enough, your area heals will generate life-threatening agro at times but they offer the best healing bang for the buck and you should use them often.

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07.13.2013 , 12:03 AM | #524
Quote: Originally Posted by TheNegotiator View Post
Yup yup. I don't guard dps unless I'm ordered to on an op. If you are a dps you need to learn what to attack and how not to take excessive damage. If you are drawing agro on hard-hitting mobs you are doing it wrong.

Also if you do heals and you are not worried about catching too much agro then you simply are not healing enough, your area heals will generate life-threatening agro at times but they offer the best healing bang for the buck and you should use them often.
In Flashpoints, Healer never pull aggro from me. I always guard the DPS with the best gear.

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07.13.2013 , 12:38 AM | #525
Quote: Originally Posted by TheNegotiator View Post
Yup yup. I don't guard dps unless I'm ordered to on an op. If you are a dps you need to learn what to attack and how not to take excessive damage. If you are drawing agro on hard-hitting mobs you are doing it wrong.

Also if you do heals and you are not worried about catching too much agro then you simply are not healing enough, your area heals will generate life-threatening agro at times but they offer the best healing bang for the buck and you should use them often.
if my group is topped off as much as possible? I'm most certainly healing enough. and the only times I pull aggro in these situation is when the mob is not being touched by anyone else - tank OR dps. and in those cases - guard is really not much use (in pve, damage reduction is nice, but not that significant). slightly less threat on a mob that I'm the only one generating threat in - is still me being the only one generating threat. they will keep attacking me.

healing doesn't generate nearly as much aggro as dps, let alone tanking - if your healers are pulling off you without, when you are tanking? you have worse issues then healer threat.

the ONLY time I need a guard as a healer is during few very specific operations bosses OR in pvp. but that's it.

now. I don't click it off. there's really no point to it IMO. but I do make a suggestion to a tank, after enough pulls to see which dps actually needs it. I have found that a lot of tanks automatically guard a healer because they have been running with healers who demand it. it makes me very sad.

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07.13.2013 , 03:01 AM | #526
Ah, this thread is so one of my favourites, so I thought I'd throw in a couple from my recollection.

1) Back in the day (before 2.0 and just after the HK-51 chain came out, I was queuing for Maelstrom Prison HM for the HK piece on my healer. Got a nice quick pop, me sage healer, a sent and commando DPS. We pass the first droid boss, then for some reason the tank leaves (I think he DC'd). So we queue for another tank, and the rest of us being well geared decided to press on. Just before we get to Colonel Dashk we get our replacement tank, Guardian. He dies, but we take down the Colonel. It was then we all notice the tank isn't in Soresu. (So far so normal, right?) So we ask him to drop into Soresu, I add 'Tank stance' and 'the green one', as I'm assuming English wasn't his first language based on his toon name. Doesn't happen. He doesn't even acknowledge us. He's not even using taunts, so halfway through the next mob fights the sent whispers me, saying, 'just treat me like the tank' which I agree with and we breeze through the FP. The best bit? Despite not talking to us, or even acknowledging he didn't know what his 'tank stance' was, our fantastic Guardian had the audacity to demand we "SPACE PLZ!!!" through all the cut-scenes. Obviously we didn't do that. On the penultimate cut-scene every time he typed in "SPACE!!" I typed in "Tank!", hoping he'd get the message. He didn't.

2) This is one where I made a hilarious fool of myself. Again, back in the old days; Taral V SM(my favourite FP btw). My sage healer again, a sent DPS, vanny tank and a guardian DPS. We drop that droid before you talk to Kilran and it drops a nice piece of orange heavy strength armour. The Guardian needs and wins, and I lose it. "Why need on armour you can't use?" I type. "Cos i can use it" comes the reply. I rage some more, annoyed at the ninjaing. Then it hits me. Why was I angry? Because forgot he was a guardian. I was looking at the role symbols on the group pane and saw the DPS crosses and mistook them for a sent/marauder. I felt so stupid. Needless to say my apology was overflowing, and I promised to keep my mouth shut for the rest of the FP. Once explained we all had a good laugh about it and finished the FP amicably, but it taught me to think more carefully before calling people out.
Quote: Originally Posted by SW_display_name View Post
I /wave and drop group. Just before I click Exit Area, I watch the Tank get carbonized. Again.

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07.13.2013 , 05:03 AM | #527
Assassin tank in Cademinu SM who kept using his Whirlwind for CC (and seemingly on random mobs, not the strongest one) and forgetting about his stealth CC. Well, I would assume he was DPS who just switched stances when he noticed he was tank. Never used Discharge, never got aggro from all the mobs and never used taunt until shortly before the end of the FP.

In the middle of the FP I told him that Whirlwind was no use to him and that he should have a stealth CC and that CCs should be applied on the strongest mobs.

There was one single time he used his stealth cc on a mob just to attack it seconds later.

Funniest line however was: "I stun the droid" (at the first boss encounter). By stunning he meant CCing...I said: "have fun with that!" knowing that you could not cc bosses...

Problem with him was: his behavior made it seem like he was experienced. His actions, not. In the beginning I assumed he knew how things worked, because he gave orders and stuff... but he clearly didn't.

Maybe he was a PvP player with no experience in PvE, or from another MMO...

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07.13.2013 , 10:18 AM | #528
I queued for a FP on my commando healer. We got Cademimu SM. People didnt seem to care about keeping threat off me as we rolled through it. People generally seemed to know where to go. However the tank stepped into the orange cirle and got trapped in the orange box. I thought that might be a bad sign, however we kept going alright and got the boss killed since it was SM. It wasnt until we got to the giant lift that takes you down towards the boss when I got worried again. Both the tank and a dps walked off the ledge.
"Oops" the tank says.
I made a mental note to remind them off the fire before the boss fight began. "Stay out the fire" or something like that.
Fight begins, they seem to be staying in the center and dont move much away from the one rocket coming down. I'm tossing heals but the tank is getting pounded because he got too close to the fire. "Move" I type into the chat. And the tank dies from the fire.
"damn" the tank says.
So we keep going as I heal both dps, they seem to be following my lead when I move. However the one dps is still dangerously close to the fire. And the boss does a knockback pushing him into the fire to his death. Now it's me on the other dps, he seems to know what he is doing, taking damage like a tank and I'm healing him well. However bad luck strikes me and he gets knocked into the fire and takes a lot of damage and I'm unable to heal him from the boss. Now it's just me with about 20k of health to go on the boss. About what seems like an eternity later, I kill the boss. I was very impressed with myself! lol I revive the dps that died last and I go to click on the terminal to end the FP.
"help" the tank says.
After the tank get's revived from the dps, they all tell him that was pretty impressive and such.
"wow, you took out 22k of his health!" the tank says.
It was certainly an experience to remember.

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07.13.2013 , 10:46 AM | #529
Another story from the same day for me. This time I queued for a flashpoint on my Jugg tank. I got tossed into Mando SM already in progress and not that far along. That always scares me. The group is attacking the trash so I join in. I keep tanking the trash here and there until we get to the boss with the dogs. The entire way there I didn't get a single heal from the healer. That was fishy. I attack the boss and away we go. My health is dropping. There are no heals. I type in chat "heals?" and I get a couple of weak heals thrown at me. Thankfully we survive, although one dps might have died. The sniper DPS (who didn't die for sure) then inspected the healer and found that she wasnt using her healing canister. She was still in dps mode. I asked "are you specced heals" and she says "no."
We asked why she queued as heals then. Answer "because it made me".
I inform her that the game lets you queue as both because she can heals or dps. Answer "sweet".
I don't think she understood what I meant. Sniper calls her a noob and finally gets her to switch to healing canister and we are on our way.

We get to the Republic boarding party. I say to kill the Knight first. Sniper or someone else put's a mark on them for me. I attack and tank the other 3 bosses, slowly watching my health go down and down with no heals.
At this point I wasn't going to beg for heals in the chat. After I die, the other 3 bosses find a new body to fire at - the "healer". She dies. Then the other dps dies, while the Sniper dps lives on and survives for us to win.
I type something like "tanking works best when they are healed"
Sniper says "healers work best when they are not dpsing"
He starts a vote kick, and the healer is voted out.
"have fun in hell" she types before she is officially booted out.
New healer phases in and the rest goes down without a problem.

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07.14.2013 , 12:12 AM | #530
I have read through many of these at work. Makes for a great way to spice up a boring as hell day in the office.

Think my best so far was the one I went on a long time back;
SM Que for KP on my PT as a tank and dps, I have a set of gear for both so no big deal to me. I get a group fairly quick, other tank is a PT as well. We took a moment or two to get going, someone had real life thing come up right as the last person hit ready (they said they weren't expecting it since it was within the last like 10 seconds of the timer on accepting). We went along all fun times and such, had a marauder who was a fresh 50 and in like greens and blues a healer pointed him out to me. So I slapped a guard on him, no big deal he never had a boss poke'em. We did the first boss without issue, though we almost lost someone to the knockback was me actually, I was laughing about it with them in ops chat. No real issues until we got to Foreman Crusher, now this guy to me was a bane in my side for a while. My guild had issues pre-2.0 downing him. We eventually did but it took us some effort. I explain to the other tank how I wanted to tank Crusher, he agreed and said "Just tell me when to taunt off". The healer that mentioned the marauder chimed in again and said "I don't expect him to survive with the boss on him for long) this prompted me to look at this tank's gear.

yeah his only piece of tank gear was his shield... And even that had NO defensive stats in it... He completely remodded it into being a dps item. I facepalmed at this moment and basically whispered both healers and told them that I'll be solo tanking him as I won't be telling him when to taunt off after looking at his gear. Both healers gave me a "okay" style response. And we went on, first frenzy I pop energy shield and retaunt afterwards. Second one my relic, and rinse repeat. It worked well, we downed him much to my surprise and I gave myself a pat on the back.
((Yes I know Crusher is easily solo-tanked, but keep in mind when I started Ops on my PT as a tank the guild I was running with had like 2 people, myself included in that 2, that knew the Op. So I had to explain the fights and we were tank-swapping as when I tried to take 2 frenzies the healers commented on maybe swapping tanks. SO I went along with it))

Now we get to the Fabricator droid. Explain it, get puzzle people, yada yada. I now whispered the "tank" with me and bluntly put saying "I know your not a tank, you have 0 defensive stats and only que'ed as a tank cause its faster" followed up with "But here, you NEED to taunt and take him off of me. I'm not geared enough to survive through 10 stack armor debuff". I did a rc, he clicked ready. As we were about to pull I get a whisper that made me facepalm so freaking loudly my folks heard it a room away. That whisper was;
"Dude, I don't know where my taunt is"

He found it eventually... And pulled off of me with it, but I kept the boss longer then I would have liked, reaching 7 or 8 stacks each time cause well. I was in tank gear and he wasn't.
We wiped anyway. Second try was a wipe. Same with the third.

Group fell apart after the third wipe.

Was funny, in a sad way. I'll post with more stories if I live through anymore... But I rarely PuG nowadays, least not Ops that are 55 lvl ones and the 50 Ops I PuG like everyone is overleveled and overgeared its a screw around Op for like everyone (Had a Sin dps that decided he was going to jump inbetween his attacks in a HM EV, did the same the whole way through it and still put out respectable dps lol).