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10.04.2014 , 11:17 PM | #5021
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueShiftRecall View Post
Last night on Hammer Station on my level 19 healer scoundrel. The Tank is going off at me in chat because Iím not using abilities that I hadnít even reached yet on my tree and I say I havenít gotten them yet at my level and suddenly Iím a total NOOB healer because the tank canít seem to understand I donít have the abilities heís demanding for yet. One of our DPS meanwhile is constantly running off on his own and the other DPS and Tank ignore and leave him and he eventually dies and blames me for not healing him when he tries taking on a mob and elite droid solo all at once and then the Tank agree's with him and for about the 5th time calls me a stupid NOOB before I leave
I had the opposite experience - My level 15 mando was flagged for healer, and literally all I had was the big heal (name escapes me) and hammer shots. In the end, I got complimented for my great heals despite hopelessly bad gear.

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10.05.2014 , 02:43 AM | #5022
Quote: Originally Posted by DataBeaver View Post
Sounds like an issue of the type I despise. "I have read a guide so I can ignore any advice what-so-ever from anybody in the group". I can't stand these people, especially when they are all go-go-go while the tactics are being explained then die to the first mechanic then moan that the group is awful.

Czerka core meltdown HM on my sorc healer. Group is a sorc dps, mara dps and jugg tank. We set off and at sandstorm boss the jugg who has switched to soresu (he was in shien before so clearly not tank specced). However he drags the boss to the wrong generator. I stand by the correct 1 and tell them to come to me, that the boss should be at the green 1. The 2 dps come to me but the tank stays still, meaning the dps go back to carry on attacking. I force speed over and heal through the fight. At the end the tank isn't happy:
jugg: "why did you go stand in the wrong place and no do anything?"
me: "I was in the right place, I would appreciate if you don't know the fight you ask before pulling"
jugg: "lmao you must be either noob or troll, its tactical the mechanics don't matter"
me: "well its not a tactical"
jugg: "lol you stupid troll, you must have never done this before this is a tactical fp"
dps: "actually this is a hm run"
That shuts the tank up. On the boss where you need to poison it with spores the tank keeps it in the middle. After throwing all his def buffs the tank starts kiting it round screaming at people to pull off him. He ends up running into the back corner which resets the boss.
me: "shall we do it properly now, or do you want to spend ages on this easy fight?"
tank: "well you could just heal"
me: "I was healing, but I don't heal stupid"
tank: "lol you fail trolling me"
me: "im not going to babysit, you think you can ignore the fight mechanics because you have a healer?"
tank: "lmao noob healer do it right"
He pulls again but during the fight lets somebody rip aggro off him then runs away and stands away from the fight. This gives him a chance to flame me in chat for trolling, being noob, not knowing the fight, not healing properly. Myself and the 2 dps complete the fight between the 2 of us.
At the end the tank throws a vote kick on me, it doesn't go through. The tank then says "either he goes or I go, gl getting another tank as good as me" (lmao). He puts vote kick on me again and it goes through.

I requeue and get a mando HM, however part way through I get a whisper from this tank
tank: "leave your group, ill invite you back to do this mission with us"
me: "what?"
tank: "we can't get a replacement healer, can you come back"
me: "lmao"

The most embarassing thing.......this tank is in the same guild as me. Now I know there are bads everywhere but in the guild im with there are enough people who can advise that this sort of idiocy is depressing.
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10.05.2014 , 03:53 AM | #5023
Had a nice time in Manaan yesterday when a Sentinel advised our Shadow to stealth through to hit the computers. But he just said "Stealth" and didn't provide any additional explanation. The Shadow Stealthed, cced one Selkath, and then opened the attack on the other side of the mob, so me (gunslinger) and the Commando healer jumped into the fight while the Sentinel said "I'm not going to participate because that was unnecessary" and /sleeps in front of the Elite selkath. We cleared the fight no problem, though the commando went down.

The sentinel then proceeded to lecture us on what a good teacher he was, making us learn to stealth properly.
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10.05.2014 , 06:12 AM | #5024
Quote: Originally Posted by BobFredJohn View Post
Every time you write something about your guild, I get the impression it's full of idiots you wouldn't even consider inviting into it if it were up to you. So I keep wondering why you are in that guild at all . I mean, if he's derpy enough to not realise he was vote-kicking someone from his own guild

Anyways, on the point of people tanking in DPS gear. Our guild did Asation (TFB) 8 man SM yesterday. I wasn't actually scheduled to come along, but we don't have that many healers. In fact, the best healer was on his tank (our guild leader, for that matter), our other guild leader (yes, we have 2) was on her tank so that's another healer gone, one of the scheduled healers didn't come online and another one that was online had lag in range from 300 to 12000 (!) ms. So it was up to the Operative I hadn't used for healing that often to be healer #2.

Anyways, we go through it all relatively well. One of our tanks dies in the first slug enemy pull (whatever they're called, they look like slugs) because she was at 8 stacks and neither healer cleansed (whoops), we wipe on Operator-what's-his-face because the blue phase takes too long. Also, after we clear the boss, one of our DPS admits that he is color blind (red-green) and has trouble with seeing a difference between the blue and purple circles, so that was fun

We clear Kephess without any trouble and proceed to the Terror from Beyond. Our leaders are explaining the fight in chat (our guild refuses to use TS3 and such, which IMO is a cool concept) when one of our DPS exclaims in chat to stop because she had poked her eye. We asked what she was doing, and she said she was rubbing her eye and then somehow poked it with her finger, the chat burst out in laughter and our main tank almost died from laughing Following this, I called her One-Eye the pirate captain and she talked like a pirate for the rest of the run

Anyways, we fail the TfB twice because the DPS didn't quite understand the concept immediately, and all but one of them were new to the instance. No big deal. We do it basically without flaw the third time, the only issue being the aforementioned tank that died in the very beginning dying again, at which point I get slightly suspicious. I've co-tanked Dread Palace with her, she's usually not that squishy at all. After the Op is over, we find out why. She asks in chat who else has a PT tank, and then asks if anyone of the ones in question also had 0% shield chance. So I log to my PT, and nope, it's ~30%, it's not 0 for anyone but her. So we meet up and I inspect her gear.

Chat goes something like this.
Tank: Inspect my gear.
Me: "Well, you should repair it, but it looks fine otherwise."
Me: "Oh, and you have a generator equipped, not a shield."
Tank: "Oooooooooooooooooh."

We had a good laugh at that. She had planned to change her shield for a better one soon anyway, but that's not what she had in mind .
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10.05.2014 , 06:48 AM | #5025
Quote: Originally Posted by Darkelefantos View Post
Every time you write something about your guild, I get the impression it's full of idiots you wouldn't even consider inviting into it if it were up to you. So I keep wondering why you are in that guild at all . I mean, if he's derpy enough to not realise he was vote-kicking someone from his own guild
I was going to say something similar.
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10.05.2014 , 06:58 AM | #5026
Quote: Originally Posted by Darkelefantos View Post
Every time you write something about your guild, I get the impression it's full of idiots you wouldn't even consider inviting into it if it were up to you. So I keep wondering why you are in that guild at all . I mean, if he's derpy enough to not realise he was vote-kicking someone from his own guild
Its because its the largest ops guild on the server. Imp side is now stretching over 3 guilds (the 3 names are the same just with an accent mark over certain letters) with I think its now 1270 is imps. The rep one is 2 guilds.

With so many people on at the same time, I am able to just go "hmm...I feel like doing an op". I ask in guild and, between the 3 imp guilds your likely to have around 100-150 people online even on a bad day. As such I can just out of the blue find 8 people to run ops with me. As such the guild is perfect for ops.

However , when theres that many people your always going to get a few who are pr*cks. Thats the price you pay for getting instant-pop ops guild runs. But tbh they do teaching runs for PUG's (which is rare on that server, most people spamming "LFG ops" in fleet require people to link achievement) and regular gearing runs (these are preset times with specified player taking the gear so everyone knows who gets the loot, and if they aren't happy they join a different op run). With that many people its impossible to avoid a few bad players, though it does annoy me that they are that bad even though they have access to advice from hundreds of players.

However with my reps I got lucky in that I ended up in a guild with just 84 people, yet they are on regularly enough that there is a slim chance I can form a few together for an ops guild then pug the last couple spaces. Since on my reps I have found a guild which is active enough to run ops regularly, but has very few pr*cks in it (only 2 leap immediately to mind). Sadly this guild doesn't have an imp side

I stick to the imp one im in as, though there are a number of people I dislike, there are always enough online to form an ops run of well behaved/nice mannered people. Though I would never even consider moving my rep characters into the rep versions of the guild.
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Everybody is entitled to their opinion. People are also entitled to ridicule your opinion if it is BS.

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10.05.2014 , 07:55 AM | #5027
Why I subject myself to KDY I will never know.

I was on my 27 sniper. The was a 37 mara, 26 jugg, and a 38 sith sorcerer. First thing I did was check achievements. The mara had some experience outside of KDY so that was promising. The other two didn't have a lot of experience otherwise but that would be cool I thought. Fresh group maybe it wouldn't be that bad. I really have to stop doing this flash point. The first thing we got was a SS who believes that what, lightning/force storm is the best for aggro and destruction. The other thing was a severely under geared tank who couldn't hold aggro, do damage or stay alive. The mara was actually decent.

We got the ship assembly. We go to clearing the room and the tank goes one way and aggros while the rest of us go the other way. SS initiates before the mara and i can get turned around. No kill order. The pick one and and stick to it. Except for the SS who is throwing lightning on cooldown. Now no one has died at this point so I am still somewhat optimistic. I have never done the assembly before. Well no one else has either. So I pull up the guide online and run it real fast. Have I mentioned no one but myself and the mara really believe in healing up?

The next part goes bad. We ended up going to the area where you have to blow up the missiles and such. So it is a bit of a maze for those that haven't done it before. No one wants to stay together. We start out moving to the right next thing we know the jugg comes running back with friends. This starts a period of wipes that should not happen. The jugg and the ss died who knows how many times. 12+? They do not release but instead wait on rezs. The shear idiocy of it is compounded by the ss asking why we were in a FP with everything being 55. It has to be a mistake. I told him no, it is a tactical and we are bolstered to 55 for it. Well that is dumb. lol

Needless to say the jugg and ss die and just lie and wait everytime for a rez. This includes the boss fight.

We got the droid and he has the small droids that spawn that you need to kill. Well I move to the back of the room to the kolto console. The ss immediately drops lightning on him and hilarity ensues. We wipe fast.

Me: make sure to kill the adds.
Jugg: hey guys
SS: this is kind of hard.
mara: what's up?
ss: do you think his health is full again?
everyone: yes

I explain the fight and what needs to be done. We wiped again. It is at this point what little respect I had for the mara went out the window.

jugg: SS you were a healer and you weren't healing me!
mara: lol it doesn't help the fact that this is what a level 24 fp, so we join it and it must be on hard mode that why our HP must be what a level 55 hp is
jugg: i am the aggro holder
ss: my healing sucks
jugg: no it doesn't

<shaking head>

me: guys it is a tactical, there is no hard mode, we are bolstered to 55
jugg: so heal!!
ss: it takes so much force I can use the kolto thing but I am better for damage
mara: lol hey don't say anything i don't do FPs they are effing dumb.

Round three!!! Tank goes down in two hits.

jugg: you!!!
jugg: come on
jugg: wth??
jugg: this is most frustrating
mara: the droids hp is effing 457K
jugg: they need to nerf this droid
jugg: so hard
mara: how are you supposed to beat a droid whose hp are 457K? like come on man this is why I don't do FPs they are dumb as hell

At this point we are ticking an hour. I figure I have abused myself enough.

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10.05.2014 , 07:59 AM | #5028
Quote: Originally Posted by motodo_severin View Post
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
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10.05.2014 , 09:04 AM | #5029
Just done a kdy run. In the group was a gunslinger who is obsessed with exp. However in starship assembly when I write out the build he says "ill just stick in random". Before I can explain things he gets build wrong and we fight the droids. I ask him why he deliberately did it wrong if he wants exp. "6 elites give loads of exp". I do my old trick of getting him to write out his exp before pulling first set of droids. I get him to do so again at the lift. At this point he works out he has gained 0 exp. I therefore explain how to max exp in the assembly and the whole kill elite def before completing room thing.

Second we get prison thing and end up with all cells open before killing the elite def, despite me telling them not to open all cells. Once the last cell is open I do my usual sarcy comment in this event "well thats halved our exp". The gunslinger pips up when he notices someone has mentioned his valuable exp has gone missing (ironically it was him that opened the last 2 cells, us 3 were stood waiting by the elite def). I explain again that the elite def needs to be killed before completing the room. He apologises and says he assumed when I said that in previous room it only applied to assembly.

We get to the boss, the droid with all the adds. Sadly the gunslinger realises on the second round of adds that he gets seperate exp for killing the adds. He starts spamming chat telling us all to reset the fight, which them 3 do, I don't see why so carry on, but on my own I die pretty quick. The gunslinger now comes out with possibly the worst xp farming method I have ever heard. I will stick it in spoiler so you can try figure it out for yourself first, to see if anyone manages to come up with this gem of logic.
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10.05.2014 , 09:26 AM | #5030
Quote: Originally Posted by BobFredJohn View Post
<shaking head> A whaaaaaat??? lmao OMG!