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Sorc/Sages LoS

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12.10.2019 , 06:16 PM | #11
that was 100% stormwatch. as long as you have been hit by lightning flash and have some dots on you it will get extra hits on you while affliction or crushing is ticking on you. this is not gamebreaking because the damage is no more than you would take while being dotted. if you have off heal it is no problem if you can't off heal you probably should go get the sorc.

if you are on sniper well, at least the matchup becomes interesting and not one-sided.
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12.10.2019 , 06:44 PM | #12
Dear Devs,

This game is very hard and I am very bad. As I have no plans on getting better I would appreciate it if you made the game easier.

Thank you in advance.

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12.10.2019 , 06:50 PM | #13
LOL you clearly don't know other classes or what a tactical is.

Quote: Originally Posted by Anosa View Post
I have been seeing this repeatedly in PVP where sorcs/sages are stepping in and out of line of sight and attacking with instant cast or very fast casting skills, which allows them to get an attack off before the other can then they are out of line of sight before the enemy fires off an attack. This is basically breaking pvp when it comes to sorc/sage vs anyone with a cast time, leading to an almost guaranteed win in some maps vs these classes. Are there any plans to fix this?
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