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Back after a break. What should I do?

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Back after a break. What should I do?

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11.13.2019 , 03:47 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Akharus View Post
What do you mean by legacy gear? I just came back too and everything is nuts. Last I played we had skill trees and the fighter pvp thing didnt exist and the level cap was still 50 @_@.
Legacy Gear... you now have another thing you can level up called "legacy". The story idea being that it's some sort of connection between all your different characters (I guess like in the movies, everyone is related to every one else ). In game terms there is a "legacy" panel where you can buy perks that require some combo of legacy level, credits and/or cartel coins I think too. Things like faster travel, boost to XP, putting training dummies on your ship, lots of other things that I've never messed with. Legacy just levels up as you play. You don't have to do anything special to level it, and I don't think there is anything you can do special to make it level faster.

But there is also a new "bound" type for gear, "bound to legacy". Where "bound" (or maybe it says "bound to character") locks the gear to that specific charactor, "bound to legacy" means that you can send the gear to any character. We used to have mostly "bound" gear, and some "bound to legacy" shells. We were able to rip mod/enhancement/armoring/hilt/barrel out of bound shells, put them into bound-to-legacy shells, and then trade them to another character that way. But that didn't help the "left side", ear, implants and relics, which could not be traded.

Now everything (just about everything?) is bound-to-legacy, which is a big advantage in gearing, because once you get your first character to max (306), you can continue to grind with that character, and pass the gear along to any other character. Works best if the other characters you have that are of the same class. I.e. Assassin/Shadow, or commando/merc matchups. Because you will get mostly gear for your class, and in theory you can set a toggle in your character screen for which spec you want to get gear drops for. So for example you could, once you get to 306 on your Assassin tank, then set the gear drops to dps and pass the gear along to your Infiltration Shadow.

But even if they are not compatible classes like that, you will occasionally get gear drops that are for a completely different class (I've gotten barrels for my deception sin for example). It might be a question as to which is more effective, waiting for non-class gear drops from your 306, or just doing the grind again on the other character.

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11.13.2019 , 04:01 AM | #12
Farm MM Red Reaper FP 24/7 in stealth groups, actuall GF takes a long time to pop 15-30+ minutes on rep side. Then when u finally get 306 its far nor over yet, u need min/max ofc and farm set bonus, coz deception without set bonus is pretty mediocre and can be good at objectives and support CC mostly. I even don't want to farm this set - firts set makes deception braindead in rotation, second its far too long, very long. What i want is get much credits as i can on GTN and then mb returns when they fix tones of bugs and mb chages in farm gear.