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Dragon Age 4 Coming Next Month?

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Dragon Age 4 Coming Next Month?

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01.24.2020 , 05:02 AM | #31
It all comes down to tastes.

Me i LOVED DA:O it is amazing and it stays true to its rpg roots, Nowadays i don't even consider these new rpgs bloody rpgs they are glorafifed adventure games masqurading as rpgs. Old school rpgs will forever have a place in my heart and these new so called rpgs just spit on their legacy that it makes me want to cry, where are the important choices you have to make and live with for your toon, where are the stats that you can select where they go, classes that have a well and true advantages over each other, like in KOTOR a smuggler got the stealth generator while the solder got access to all the attacking upgrades.

That has been lacking for years in rpgs all because they cleam people don't want them... ******** WE DON'T WANT THEM GIVE THEM ALL TO ME NOW. i've been looking high and low for a good true rpg for ages that is not only good in play but also quility mutant last year is the closests i've been to one in ages and just even thinking about what DA4 could be like worries me greatly, i would love it if they went back to their roots with the new one and it is basicly everything from DA:O with a new lick of paint and story that would be great but will they do it, no i don't think they will i don't even think they know how to any more everything is not only so fast nowadays but most newer gamers don't even seem to be able to grasp the idea of having to plan in a rpg they just go in and mash attack to clear everything.

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02.07.2020 , 09:09 PM | #32
Yeah... i don't like what they did to DA.

Loved origins. All i wanted was more adventures with my grey warden discovering new zones, characters and darkspawn plots (and morrigan flirting).

What we got was a lot of mage/templar/elf racism stories. DA2 was still fun from a gameplay perspective, but DAI was boring to no end.

So, yeah, i'm not sure about more open world wannabe Dragon age.
I'll take a remake of origins and forget the rest existed.

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02.07.2020 , 09:14 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post
According to some things I've read, it looks like the campaign will be single player, then open up into a sort of "endgame mulitplayer." Not sure how that's going to work, but I'm hoping it's something new/better than the DAI MP dungeons. If DA4 has an awesome MP game aspect, I may not be playing SWTOR much any more.....

I do worry about cookie cutter classes, and 4 button simplicity, however.
Yes, you will. Cause those games don't tend to have content support for more than a year.