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Stop crying

Thecampkid's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 03:24 PM | #1
First of all, the entire day yesterday and previous days they said they would send in waves, you should have known you may or may not have a chance. Second they are doing EGA 2 days earlier then we were told, so quit your crying, you will get your EGA. Third, if you are that upset because you didnt get into the first day, there are still 6 more days, and if you are really that upset, cancel, i hate people that cry over this stuff. The first day of launch is gonna be the longest because thats when all the people ordered, the timeline will stretch. And for all of you that are crying because you took the day off its your fault, dont blame them for you choosing to miss work on a CHANCE that you may play. That is all. Go back to WoW and QQ on those forums. Not needed here.