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Why I'm done with PvP

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Why I'm done with PvP
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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02.19.2021 , 01:53 PM | #351
Quote: Originally Posted by supertimtaf View Post
While I do agree that I've said multiple times, along with many others, that I don't see premades being a problem but more a consequence of the state of PvP, I'd like to know where did you see peoples saying that there is no need for more rewards in PvP, or that class imbalance isn't an issue.

Still, I like one more thing about this thread now : Peoples are beginning to understand that if we can't have data provided by other peoples, then we just have to find a way to gather some ourselves.

That's what players do in a mmo anyway. They gather data, and put together a way to easily see if there is a problem with a system or not. I'm surprised to be honest that websites like WoWlogs and FFLogs exists with much more complex data analysis while here peoples are content with the few informations you can find on Parsely, which are more often than not just peoples hitting a dummy. (Even tho said dummy already shows issues for sure)

Still, maybe the issue doesn't come from premades in the first place, and maybe they are the consequences of bigger issues in PvP that should be solved first ?

I don't know eh, but it's not like anybody has the right answer here for now. But it cannot hurt to try and explore every aspect and issues of PvP before jumping to conclusions too early without at least some collected data to back it up.
Wow allows and supports 3rd party tools which even new players are likely as not to use (good luck getting everyone to use just Parsely here). And there are far more stats available ingame or online about people's characters such as pvp win/loss ratios for every battleground/arena, gear, achievements and specs. And of course there are lots more people playing and they do x-server. So... lots more data that swtor will likely never give us.

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02.20.2021 , 08:36 PM | #352
Quote: Originally Posted by Raansu View Post
30-20. Naturally I'm going to call this anecdotal, just like your buddies list. You can't just go "oh this guy had a string of losses so solo queuing or pvp in general must suck and the matchmaking must be bad."
This "I lost X games" "Well, I won Y games" game misses the point. Assuming in each warzone one team wins and one teams loses, if we polled all players, the total number of wins and losses equal would be the same. In other words, we would expect the number of wins to be half of your games played**. What we want to look at is if the number of wins is as a whole is unusually large or small. I think the best way to test is the binomial test with p = 0.5. In your case k = 30; n = 50 which has less than a 4.2% probability based on chance alone. If we were to use an alpha of 0.05 (very common) we would reject the null hypothesis in your case and conclude there were other factors in your run that made the games "unfair".

And with that I have now contributed more to analyzing the current state of PvP in this thread than Bioware has.

** There would be very slight variations as a poor player would tend to lose more and a great player would tend to win more but part of our assumptions are that one player's individual skill should not be the determining factor in an 8vs8 warzone or that the mix of players will average out ability. That assumption is one that is being tested.

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02.25.2021 , 08:38 PM | #353
Looks like the math scared everyone off. lol

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Yesterday , 03:33 AM | #354
Quote: Originally Posted by EllieAnne View Post
Looks like the math scared everyone off. lol
Tbh I wanted more of it as it seemed more or less correct, but I guess peoples are busy arguing in other threads now.

These forums also lack an "upvote" feature, which in that case could make sure that you grabbed players' attention.
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Yesterday , 11:22 AM | #355
Personally I'm okay with PvP since I only play unranked and every class feels viable and fun to play atm. The only real issue I have with PvP right now is how SWTOR handles tanks in PvP. Being a tank outside of the arena should be nerfed or scaled down in some way, so people stop playing this stupid skank tank meta.
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