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Solo Flashpoint iR limit?

Reborn-Darkness's Avatar

11.09.2019 , 10:24 AM | #1
Hey there,

I have been running solo Flashpoints for quite a while, and have noticed something odd.
After I hit iR 270, I stopped getting higher rated gear.
I can't tell how many times I ran Korriban Incursion, after I hit the aforementioned rating, but I'd say it was around 10 times.
Has any of you experienced/noticed this before?
If so, did it just take a couple more runs until you got better gear, or did you have to switch to multiplayer?

I don't like the idea of having to queue up for Veteran Flashpoints, since I am a solo player, but if that's what it takes to get to 306, so be it.

I do apologize, if a thread like this has been answered before.

Khaleijo's Avatar

11.09.2019 , 01:20 PM | #2
While I don't know if there is a limit in solo mode, I had this too playing group content. It seems like there are some rating levels where the drops sort of stagnate at or below your current item rating. I went to fleet to buy unidentified items for tech fragments at the vendor near Kai Zykken, just to get increase the overall irating by one or two points, then better stuff would drop again.
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Reborn-Darkness's Avatar

11.09.2019 , 04:50 PM | #3
Well, that's interesting to know.

I haven't had this issue in group Flashpoints, quite the opposite actually.
Every run, in a group Flashpoint, I get at least 2 pieces of gear which are higher rated than the ones l have equipped.
I will definitely check the vendor on the fleet and see if that gets me somewhere.

Maybe I was just really unlucky or, as you said, there are certain item ratings at which drop rates are pretty much zero.

Thanks for sharing your experiences!
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