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We need to talk about MM Lost Island...

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10.13.2018 , 03:43 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post
Dang you guys make me want to go back and play it again for nostalgia
Yah, and eras were the best times for this game.

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10.16.2018 , 12:08 PM | #12
So funny how OP makes a valid point about difficulty disparity that needs to be adressed and all he gets is "I had no problems", "Should have seen this in the old days" and tons of "Yeah the old days", but noone picking up the good suggestion he made. No wonder, there's less and less people motivated to actually help improve the game that way.
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Yesterday , 09:49 AM | #13
I finish LI MM like 90% of the time. Honestly, MM flashpoints are kind of a joke in the current version of the game. You can only really fail them if the party straight up doesn't know the mechanics and isn't willing to learn them. None of the fights are complicated and they all come down to just knowing where to stand and where not to stand at specific times.

In any case, there's an intentional difference in difficulty between Hammer Station HM and Lost Island HM. Hammer Station HM was designed as the entry level HM flashpoint. It's meant to introduce new players to the higher difficulty where you can basically wipe on any mob if your party is irresponsible. Lost Island HM was deliberately designed to be an end game challenge and BioWare promoted its high difficulty as its main feature. When LI was released, it was to challenge people who had already completed everything. It doesn't have the same target audience as Hammer Station.

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Yesterday , 11:00 PM | #14
It isn't an gear issue - it's the mechanics. Sav-Rak in particular.

Gear might help you get past the droid, but with Sav-Rak no amount of gear will help you if you can't grasp the concept of 'stand right in his character model'. There is no 'close enough', it's do it right or die.

This is where every pug group I've tried MM with fails. There is always at least one person who can't survive the smash and then it's game over.

What would help is putting Lost Island into the vet mode group-finder. At least if a couple of teammates go flying you can still get past him and continue on. Vet mode is the only way I've been able to finish LI.

Lost Island is probably less gear/level dependant than the post KotFE flashpoints.
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