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03.07.2012 , 08:31 AM | #1
Hello Troopers,
What an epic time this is, I feel lucky to enter combat with such a fine oiled machine. Every Trooper is a cog, the mahcine drives forward, crushing Imperial resistance. There is no Heros only Squads. Valor is obtained by returning with a full squad...
......Colonel Finlan (Republican Guard).......

I really want to get into playing the Trooper as a full RP character. I would like to find a guild (Shatlin Tunnels RP EU) that would support such a concept. The idea is to do missions as a unit. 3 troopers and possible other class. RP'ing into combat missions together in an organised tactical manor. The positioning being important,


(PT = Point, They are tank or best defense unit in group.)
(LF = Left Flank, Any combat abilty or rank, dps and buff support.)
(RF = Right Flank, Any combat abilty or rank, dps and buff support.)
(GD = Guard, Healing, buff and ranged dps. Gives order.)

RP....How can I play my Trooper?

Your Trooper is a military professional. They are either loyal to the Republic or their squad. The have total commitment to the cause.

Terms to use :

Sir, Ma'am, RANK
Oscar Mike - On the move
Sitrep - Situation report
AOI - Area of Interest (example group or enemie)
REORG - Re-organise (retreat to starting position to heal)

Even perhaps a little research into your trooper, where is he from, what he/she likes to do off duty or on R&R. Previous combat history dialogue. All to imerge into the role....
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