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Looking for group

zee-ro's Avatar

03.09.2012 , 07:29 AM | #1
Hi all,

As you may have seen on other threads, I've been looking to reroll on another server to dip my toes into the world of RP, thanks to everyone who got back to me regarding good places to start, it's genuinely appreciated.

I've had an idea for 2 toons with back story and personality with helpful advice from many and am raring to go. Obviously I'm rerolling so that'll take some time but I do have a RP concept in mind which I was advised to share with the group as perhaps there is already a group together I could join which follows the concept, or if not perhaps others are interested.

The concept in mind is based on the formation of a group from smaller, class specific and suitably named Guilds, So at a basic level the whole formation would be under the control of a Sith guild, perhaps one who administers Dromond Kaas on behalf of the council perhaps.

Their right hand would be an intelligence based guild who provide intel, close protection to high ranking sith lords (RP-PVP perhaps?) when travelling and various other things.

Naturally, when muscle is required they would need to call up members of a private guild of mercs and bounty hunters.

I'm sure this has already been done, and any advice is welcomed, but I primarily like the concept because it allows the usual master/apprentice and rank structure relationships to be formed and have purpose, but in a sort of insulated eco system allowing the RP to be fully immersive regardless of what may or may not being going on around. BW have kindly provided excellent RP areas in the Mandalorian Enclave, Imperial Intelligence et al.

I have working titles for two of the guilds and the basic outline of extra details, but I yself am more of a follower than a leader, but if anybody here would like to help get this going, or knows somewhere I could go where it is already established I'd be stoked to hear from you.