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Former Jedi Seeking to Return to His Roots

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Former Jedi Seeking to Return to His Roots

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03.05.2012 , 02:40 PM | #1
Hello and thank you for deciding to read my post. This is more of a suggestion and recruitment type thread form, but Ill explain what I mean:

Im a huge Sith role-player, love the species, history, philosophy, etc. Before this however I was a huge Jedi fan, participated in many RP forums, contributed greatly to these groups that no longer exist. In my time doing RP for the last 3 to 4 years, Ive decided I want to create the largest fanfic I possibly could. The eventual rise and fall of a particular Force-user that would encompass the philosophy that I have developed for myself over these years.

One problem that I have however is that I have completely forgotten how to be a Jedi. My RP experience started at my personal conversion to the Sith so now that I have these ideas ground into my head I cannot for the life of me RP a Jedi.

This is where I am asking for help, is there an online Jedi Role-playing group dedicated to the teaching and training of young Jedi initiates? I prefer to learn from a temple/academy type atmosphere along with other initiates learning from people that ACTUALLY know the Jedi and their ways and are able to relay these ideals accurately in an RP format. In order for me to start writing I know for a fact that I need to return to the roots of this organization and understand them from the ground up and re-learn as much as I can.

This is not a mission of conversion, this is a mission of knowledge, and any help would be appreciated. Thank you again.
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