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Mando'ade oya!

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02.17.2012 , 04:22 PM | #21
On Ebon Hawk, Gestahlt has set up a channel for Mandalorian discussion on the Imperial side. It was /cjoin Oya, I think.
His BH, Siana, RPs as a Mandalorian and I think he might even have a large Mandalorian themed guild. They all wear a lot of sweaters from what I remember.

Here is his Ebon Hawk information thread!

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02.17.2012 , 06:15 PM | #22
I like Mandalorians, but I like Trandoshans more.

So, my Bounty Hunter follows the Trandoshan culture and all that good stuff. But he's related to Mandalorians because he... well... hates the **** out of them.
"Bet you heard we ain't in the pris'ner takin' bisness. We in the killin' Imperial bisness." -Me, before every Warzone

Quote: Originally Posted by Kabjat View Post
Explosive, you always make so much sense. And here as well you do not disappoint.

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02.17.2012 , 06:19 PM | #23
What server are you going to be on, starter-of-thread, I'd be interested in helping you.
"Your future lies with us."

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02.17.2012 , 09:59 PM | #24
I would totally drink some Mandoade.

Darth_Eminok's Avatar

02.29.2012 , 03:33 PM | #25
Excellent, I've found an RP-PVP server (Ajunta Pall) and am looking to form Mand'alor's A'den (Mandalore's Rage) with those who are willing to, so consider the problem solved.

Contact Shadowfire for info in-game or if you want to help form it.

We're a mid-heavy rp guild... go to the guild page in my sig and post that you wish to join.


"Your future lies with us."