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Why would I play an Assassin over an Operative?

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Why would I play an Assassin over an Operative?

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07.21.2019 , 04:33 AM | #11
Scoundrel did have an ability that was similar to Spike/Spinning Kick, it was called Shoot First and like Spike it required you to be in stealth to activate. Backblast is similar to Maul except it traded having a cooldown with increased damage.

What do you mean so many utilities? 10 utilities are useless in PvE and PvP or are very very situational. While Shadow utilities look more interesting in regards to building a shadow.
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08.30.2019 , 07:23 PM | #12
Lets rule things out... Remove the Support Roles of Heals or Tank, since thats not what you were asking..

Now, lets compare Hatred and Lethality.. They are both pretty "meh" for PVP and pretty fantastic for PVE. If you can manage your energy well Lethality is slightly better in my opinion.

Deception is an incredibly well balanced spec, as far as the game goes in general, it's got a ton of burst and it's the only class with unlimited charges (if you get the kills). Concealment is also a strong spec, but it will have a lower burst. I'd recommend deception if all things were equal and you were not attached to a play style. Force speed more than makes up for a lack of roll and force shroud makes up for reflect from evasion.
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09.03.2019 , 06:59 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDramaKing View Post
You wouldn't. End of the thread.
100% correct. You wouldn't choose assassin now, and you sure as heck won't want to do it in 6.0. I honestly cannot fathom the thinking regarding the set bonuses and such that are going to be coming. They fail to address anything wrong with the class, yet the changes being made for other classes will make us even more screwed than we were before.