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We want cutscenes from Heroic Missions back

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06.29.2016 , 01:04 PM | #161
Quote: Originally Posted by dashriprock View Post
It would be nice if you took the mission from the actual quest giver that you go the return cutscenes. But if you take it from the terminal then that uses the current system.

By doing that both sides get what they want. The players that want story can get it by going directly to the mission source, and the players that want to grind heroics quickly can go to the terminals.
I fully agree ! To me, that's the best solution !
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06.29.2016 , 01:22 PM | #162
Quote: Originally Posted by AlrikFassbauer View Post
I fully agree ! To me, that's the best solution !
Agreed 100%

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06.29.2016 , 01:32 PM | #163
I actually don't care about them. The animations and one liners are repetitive. I see the animations a lot from other areas like story and flashpoints.

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06.29.2016 , 02:29 PM | #164
Agreed. They should make it so when we complete the Heroic, we get a Heroic Transport back to the questgiver to see the cutscene.
It would also fix the broken codexes and titles like Imperial Scholar..
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07.01.2016 , 09:42 PM | #165
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthVitrial View Post
Agreed. They should make it so when we complete the Heroic, we get a Heroic Transport back to the questgiver to see the cutscene.
It would also fix the broken codexes and titles like Imperial Scholar..
It would indeed and that would be a good option. Same with A Question Of Motivation. I miss being given the option to either tell the Lt to surrender himself into custody or take the darkside option.
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07.02.2016 , 01:27 PM | #166
Tython H2 : It's like an criminal investigation story with the last third of the story just cut off.
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07.11.2016 , 09:30 PM | #167
I took up someone's referral code just to come back and post here.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has many features, but I feel like the main core of the game is Bioware's storytelling and the unique journeys that your character can take depending on their faction, class, and alignment.

So removing cutscenes from heroic missions, deleting entire quests (like the breadcrumbs on the Fleet) and eliminating LS/DS choices from certain missions is a huge step backward for the game. I have no intention of returning until Bioware restores the story content they removed.

There are simply too many other quality story-heavy RPGs for me to play whose devs haven't gone in and started deleting content in order to allow power-gamers to reach the end of the game more quickly.

For pete's sake, there's a Heroic called "The Man With the Steel Voice" on Hutta that doesn't even feature THE man with the steel voice anymore. The person who the quest is named after is no longer part of the quest.

That's ridiculous. People could easily spacebar past this story content before. If Bioware wanted to cater to that sort of person even further, they could have introduced some kind of automatic mode option that skips story content and makes your conversation choices for you - like they did in Mass Effect 3. But instead they just excised the story content wholesale.

I'm not returning until I hear that Bioware has made good on their recent push for story content. The thing is, the longer I stay away from the game while waiting for the missing story content to be restored, the more time-limited content Bioware is adding (like HK-55) that I'm permanently missing out on. More reasons to be discouraged from returning.

To say that I would be disappointed in the direction SWTOR is taking would be an understatement. If Bioware is making a push for story content, then why create new story content with one hand while crumpling up and throwing away existing story content with the other?
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07.11.2016 , 09:36 PM | #168
Quote: Originally Posted by carnac_fett View Post
I took up someone's referral code just to come back and post here.
Viva la Heroic Cutscenes!
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07.14.2016 , 12:17 PM | #169
The folly of this decision is only emphasized with the Light Versus Dark event. It's bad enough that they reset progress on exploratory and bonus missions so that I couldn't remember where all but 3 of my characters were in playing through the quest catalog, but creating a new character to follow in their footsteps constantly brings reminders of how truncated the experience has become. I will not progress core characters through diminished content and I won't create new disposable ones to leapfrog them through a cheapened experience for achievement points, bound cartel crap, ugly cosmetic gear, or a wholly uninteresting and one-dimensional companion.
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07.22.2016 , 07:08 AM | #170
I can definitely agree with above about the dark vs light event highlighting this.

Gotta say it is getting really tedious to look up the ending of heroics on youtube to see the appropriate ending again.