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Save character sheet interface dropdown menu choices

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Save character sheet interface dropdown menu choices

hipoenormous's Avatar

11.11.2019 , 09:22 AM | #1
I would like to have the option of saving my choices for the drop down menu in the character sheet interface from ranged, tech and defense because I want to show stats that are applicable to my class and not always need to use the drop down menu to see what I need. For instance on my sorcerer, the character sheet shows melee and defense. Maybe it thinks I went the melee route but it's not programmed to show force when I am a sorcerer. So what I am saying is either make it more intelligent of have an option of saving my choices so that'll it'll always show that whenever I open the character sheet.

Like for my concealment operative. Since almost all of my damaging abilities a tech outside of rifle shot and overload shot, I'd rather have the left side show tech and the right side show defense.

If only I can save my choices so I don't need to use the scroll down menu each time.

DreadtechSavant's Avatar

11.11.2019 , 10:07 AM | #2
The only thing I really want is the crew skills added under the name of the character on the selection screen. When you have a lot of characters this is frustrating when trying to remember which toon had slicing as now tech parts are need for everything.

Xina_LA's Avatar

11.11.2019 , 10:32 AM | #3
Both of those are great ideas.

The character sheet could remember our selections between logins.

The character selection screen could have icons with mouse-over tooltip text showing what crew skills they have.
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