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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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07.08.2013 , 03:21 PM | #501
Went on my Guardian tank today, haven't been tanking with it for a while. So q'd up with a guildie for HM FP.

Everything went fine in our Cademimu run. Was fast, no wipes. We get to the mobs who have an Overload Saber (Sentinel) buff on them, which also places 3 DoTs on their target. Which happened to me. So I just keep tanking them, expecting a cleanse or so at 2 stacks of the Dots.. Dps was taking out the weak ones first, which was good. Bam, I'm dead. Noticed that I had 6 stacks of those DoTs in total before I died. Healer didn't cleanse. So I told him to cleanse when I got revived, which I got told not to "rambo" and "maybe" I would get cleansed, and that cleanse has a cool down. This is the part where I scratch my head. I stood there for 10 seconds with those DoTs on me. At the last set of mobs, I noticed I wasn't even getting cleansed. I just popped my defensive CD's at a set of mobs.
So I told the guy that I'm not going "rambo", I am tanking at my own pace. With a response "it's pissing healers off". And the guy ragequit. Literally closed the game (disconnected).

I've never gotten a healer pissed off in any flashpoint with my pace of tanking. Really, never.

If you can't keep up with the tanks, make sure to ask if they can go a bit slower, NOT AT THE END, but during the beginning of the FP. This guy did not ask but TOLD me to, at the LAST SET of mobs in that FP. Which is ofcourse, too late, lol.

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07.09.2013 , 04:59 AM | #502
Some days ago I queued for a HM fp with a low geared dps (sage) I know
Me being a healer (scoundrel) we got a really quick pop, Atthis:
Heal: me
Dps: my friend (sage) and a really good commando
Tank: guardian

So after the first pull I immediately recognized the sort if guardian I had gotten used to: perfect aggro "his"mob, no aggro on the rest /sigh

But no worries, I am used to terrible tanks so it should be fine. wasn't, at the first boss moving was for noobs apparently
Still no wipe though.

Just before the beast of vodal I has found that:
1.the tank was terrible (gear and threat)
2.the healer and dps were crazy (yup, that's me)
3.commandos are pretty good
4.the healing was boring

It all went sort off cleanly, it could have been ok (I wouldn't even try bonus boss though) but...just before the bonus boss, there were those annoying champions, I forgot that I couldn't cc them from stealth anymore, so I pulled, I ran back to the group and fortunately the tank grabs aggro quickly.
Next pulls go smoothly and after some time me and my friend felt like some more excitement, so I ask him to pull a second champion.
Me being a healer claimed aggro within a sec, so I LoS top be able top stun him for 8 seconds or at least draw attention to it.
In my effort to LoS I fell down the side of the stairs and nearly got stuck, so once I got back up the tank was at 10%, dropping fast, he died and the mando being highest geared he got aggro (and to my surprise was easier to heal, commando tank ftw!)
But after the sage rezed the tank he was apparently angry (lol) and ran ahead to pull TWO MORE champions who attacked me immediately after my long survival (scoundrel ftw!) We wiped and to everyone's surprise (/sarcasm) the tank quit group?!

We got a replacement within 5 minutes with the promising guild name <the fine art of wiping> xD
It turned out he was AWESOME just plain awesome!
We finish fp (with bonus) and we had some good fun
(I feel a little sorry for the commando, he didn't deserve death)

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07.09.2013 , 08:54 AM | #503
Last night in Cade, I was harshly reprimanded by a Vanguard tank (doing an impresive good tanking by the way) for criticizing my own class (sage). He said I was doing serious damage and I replied with:

Me: “yeah, good dps’ing but crap armor”
Vang: “Hey, you can’t have everything I’ve been busting my **s for you to make the better use of your abilities right… so then dps and don’t complain about minor things that are covered by the hearler”

Later he told me that his main is a sage and the healer is one of his guildmates (his wife).

Last night I didn’t replay anymore because I’d been kicked out in a split second, but now that he’s not listening... I’m right Mr. Vanguard, sages has crap armor, there I said it again…. I can tell, my main is a sage too. You have the luck of having your wife as companion, but not everyone has that kind of luck, and, some healers don’t even know about the sages having the lightest armor in the game fact. So you end up dying time and again. It takes experienced healers to keep up with you (the tank) and the sages when bosses and adds threat is high. I only wish BW, would balance sage’s armor a little bit more. Too low score no matter how good the combination you make to level it.

Man that feels good, expressing yourself without been reprimanded. Good therapy.


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07.09.2013 , 09:36 AM | #504
Had another odd group yesterday.

I queue up on my Scoundrel healer and get matched with a group in progress for Mandalorian Raiders HM. I walk in, and the group had just started. This immediately worries me, whenever a group had a healer who left at the very start of the FP. I don't ask the nagging question of why he left, so we begin to pull. I notice the Sage (dps) is wearing a mix of leveling greens and a few BH pieces, netting him just nearly 19k HP, along with quite low willpower. The Guardian (tank) was new to the FP (he stated in chat) and probably newer to tanking in general (but I applaud him, because he tried his best to learn the new things in the FP.) He was decently geared, in 66s (some blue some purple) and had about 27k HP. The Vanguard DPS knew what he was doing and was well geared. We proceed through the trash without problem until the pull in the hallway with all the dogs (ugh I hate that one.) We start off and the tank leaps to the Mandalorian ranged adds (No ccs) while the Sage and Vanguard begin to destroy the group with AoEs. The Sage (being the first to hit) pulls agro from the dogs, and I have to spam heal him to keep him alive, wasting some resources. Then the Vanguard pulls and I have to spam heal him to keep him alive. I have to devote some of my heals to the tank, whose health bar is dropping, but during that time, the Vanguard died, and I felt absolutely horrible for letting him down. The mobs agro on me next, forcing me to use my CDs, and heal myself. The Sage again gets agro (I used my agro drop) And I have to spam heal him to keep him alive. Then the guardian pulls the dogs, and I am out of resources to heal him (And myself who was at about 25% HP) so we wipe. I explain to the guard to get agro on dogs too, but during the next pull, the reverse happens, he gets the dogs, but leaves the ranged to destroy me and the Vanguard. The next time we try, we beat it though.

The last dog pull before the 1st boss, goes perfect, the tank gets all the adds on him and we breeze though it. I was surprised. We wipe the floor with the first boss, and all the trash up to the second boss, again much to my surprise. But on the boarding party, we hit a brick wall. the tank gets agro on the Inquis, but the BH and Agent are on me and eat me up, while the Warrior runs around hitting people. The squishiness of the Sage was hard to heal with here, as when I tried to drop agro, he picked it up first, and it was a nightmare trying to heal him, and I felt so bad when he died (I always blame myself whenever someone dies for whatever reason.) The Sage quits, and we get a Gunslinger replacement. With the GS we mow through the boarding party with no issues, again I was very surprised.

We then go effortlessly though the next trash until we get to Gil. We explain the fight to the Guard who gets the tactics down, but we hit enrage at 20%. I say we should just skip Gil. so we do, but almost comically, someone (Including myself) pulled Gil while we walked to the final boss. It was almost funny, except that we fought him a million times, most of which when we were not ready, but nobody dies, we just reset on the wing. We get to the turrets, and the Guardian pulls when we are not ready (GS isn't even there). And he is almost dead by the time I get back, which I try to spam heal him, again wasting my resources, when I pull agro from the second turret. I die, and we pull Gil one more time (This was the time it was my fault) And the turrets start shooting when the GS is behind a wall, they shoot THROUGH the wall, I had no idea what was up with them. We explain the final boss, and on the second jump, the boss is hit before turrets and he does the third jump, leaving the turrets to kill us. We reiterate to kill turrets first, and we breeze though the fight. I guess the weird thing was that every pull/boss was either a brick wall or a snoozefest, mechanics/gear make a huge difference.

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07.10.2013 , 02:52 AM | #505
A guildie and I queud for a 55hm and we got Athiss. Things were going very well.
The tank didn't loose agro and kept most mobs away from healer.
My guildie and I made sure the adds were dead before they were even close to the healer.
And the healer kept everyone alive with good healing.

For some reason the tank and heal got in a fight. They were both saying that the other had to learn how to play their character. But actually the tank was just being a big moron.
At one point the tank said somehting like "I could give you a few pointers".
I wanted to throw in a (on second thought lame) joke. So i said something like: "Please don't talk about pointers, I just took a break from c++".

The tank didn't understand so I explained

We reached the beast of vodal kresh and the tank and healer continued the fight, causing the healer to leave.
We found a new healer and while waiting the tank decided to vote a kick against me. reason was something like "learn to play, go back to your c++" or basicly anything as stupid as this.
The new healer voted yes so I got kicked. After that they kicked my guildie for being in the same guild as me.

I met many morons in groupfinder. Especially dps who queu as tank. But this guy was new to me.
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07.10.2013 , 03:50 AM | #506
Got backfilled as a tank in Mandalorian Raiders. They were after the Republic boarding party, right before the two elevators. We all jumped on the first one, but I was the only one to jump on the second elevator, so I waited down there in a safe distance to the three strong mobs.
Someone up there pulled mobs, the situation became chaotic, because I needed to wait for the elevator to get to them, but they came down, pulling the three strong mobs as well. The two DPS died, I tried to get as much aggro as possible quickly (have no aoe taunt yet), two mobs were still on the elevator, making it hard to fight them. Healer managed to keep both him and me alive.
One DPS respawns and runs back to us, second DPS just lay there writing: "Help, I am dead, heal me please". We were still in the middle of the fight...
As soon as we were finished, someone revived him and he said thanks.
I noticed he was in tank stance...
Before we engaged the last boss, I wrote in chat: "turrets first", because I already suspected he had no clue.
But of course he kept fighting the boss throughout the entire fight no matter how often we wrote turrets need to be killed first.
In the end I said: just stop healing him
DPS died... funnily, it was much smoother from then on.
He cried "help" again and healer replied: "leave me alone"

We looted, he just kept laying there, but no one felt like reviving him. He rolled need on the cunning gloves, even though he was strength based and the healer, an Operative, rolled need on them. DPS got them...
I put him on ignore after leaving the flashpoint. Last thing I read from him was: "come on! help me so I can go"

I guess he was just a pretty new player, but... in Mandalorian Raiders you should already know you can just stand up anytime and revive at a Medcenter. You should be in DPS stance...
But most of all: If you're told turrets first, kill the turrets first!

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07.10.2013 , 10:10 AM | #507
A marauder 2/3 levels higher than the tank of a group:


After about 10 mins of childish bickering, the Marauder was removed...

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07.10.2013 , 10:19 AM | #508
Quote: Originally Posted by Biotic_Warlock View Post
A marauder 2/3 levels higher than the tank of a group:


After about 10 mins of childish bickering, the Marauder was removed...
what is it about second saber that makes players mind corrupt.. maras, sentinels... did they all watch youtube videos of marauder soloing L55hms and though 'if he can do it, I can do it, nevermind he has 33k hp, wearing 72's min maxed, my leveling greens are just as good'
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07.10.2013 , 10:30 AM | #509
This one happened to me last week and this time it was me.
I que'd in my shadow tank (which is almos full 69) for a 50HM to get the basic comms. GF dropped me on LI which I always hesitate to do with a GF group even after all the nerfs. upon entering I asked if everyone has done it, my bro was with me and he knows it well, so I'm waiting for the reply of the other dps and the healer. Healer says he's done it but not as heals only dps, which if fine by me. Other dps(sent) stayed quite and didn't speak. After noticing he new his way around all mobs I decide he knows it. We start well, sent is moving fast but is being a good dps and always waits for me to agro the mobs even though he has like 32K health. We make it to droid and I noticed he took agro from me a couple times, we down the boss without even making it half way through room. This is when I start looking at the sent's gear and notice he has a lot of 72's but we are moving so fast I only get to look a quick glance at his gear. Right after elevator before the king kong boss I decide to keep walking while I look at the sent's gear (my main is a sent and wanted to look at how he min/max since I always learning from others dps how to improve my dps); while I'm at it I forget we have to click panel to extend bridge so I keep walking to a long and painful death, I reset and heals says to me "did you trip over your shoelaces". I laughed and told why I fell and that I was looking at sent's gear. Sent finally says something since we started FP and tell me "so now is my fault" we laughed again and finished FP without any issues. In the end here I was trying to look like a grand and important tank while everyone follows my lead, yet I do the only dumb thing anyone did during the FP.
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07.10.2013 , 11:16 AM | #510
This isn't so much a weird player but probably one of my most fun FPs. Was leveling up my OP and GF put me into The Foundry. So me, two Sith Assassains (one tank), and a powertech are matched up. Make it through the first boss no problems. Everything is going relatively smooth. Get to HK and the PT hadn't done the fight before I guess so we are a little slow on pulling up the powercore on HK but we manage through it. Now through the FP we had CC'd two packs of Elite Jedi so we could just walk by them. We get to Revan and the PT apparently fell off the side at the beginning of the fight, so its just the 3 of us. I start doing more DPS then I normally would watching my energy. It goes slow but we do kill him. Do the gear rolls waiting to start the conversation at the end.

So the three of us are chilling waiting for PT to come back. I see her and behind her are the 6 Jedi elites we skipped! I type in chat "JEDI!" we turn to go fight the PT gets killed before we make it over to her. I'm just casting heals as fast as I can using all my CD thinking the whole time "we are so dead" not one of us is above 50% health the whole time. Somehow someway we kill all six of them and I'm just laughing for the next five minutes cause I can't believe it haha. Get some compliments on my healing wish everyone well on one of the most fun FPs I've done.