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Lethality pvp nonsense, 1v3s galore

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Lethality pvp nonsense, 1v3s galore

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06.25.2018 , 12:37 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Rogha View Post
If I didn't know QP, I'd say there had to be a hack going on here. I love my lethality op and really think it is the most underrated spec in the game. 1v1 I always believe that I can hold my own against any class. When you play it smart with the hit and run, you can do really well. But when I see you go 1v2 and your health bar is barely moving, I have to wonder how you are mitigating all that damage? Shield Probe and Evasion are good, but not THAT good and the class is squishy once those are on CDs. What's your secret?
Keep 2 kolto probes up on you at all times, and every roll (which also mitigates damage) use an insta-case kolto infusion, which does a lot of heals as well. Then LOS, reduced cool down shield, and reduction on evasion for damage taken, plus stealth out fight reset, you can survive quite a while as a leth operative.
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06.25.2018 , 01:02 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by QuiveringPotato View Post
lethality's parse damage is irrelevant in PVP,
but when half the players in this game are stupider than the NPCs parse damage becomes relevant
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06.25.2018 , 02:17 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by QuiveringPotato View Post
lethality's parse damage is irrelevant in PVP, usually you're having to heal so much that it takes an even bigger toll on your dps than conc's does, that and the dotspread still doesn't want to work all the time
Honestly, Leth's damage is actually good. If one plays Lethality like Concealment or just go tag opponents far away with dots and wait for someone to die, things simply won't work. And I'd say that Leth is more complicated to play than it seems. Your defenses are basically your heals. You have to basically switch on and off the aggressive button in proper moments.

Also, the dotspread works just fine. So if you play leth and you see it doesn't work, you're the one doing it wrong. Toxic Haze works just fine.

Quote: Originally Posted by QuiveringPotato View Post
I literally ignore 99% of leth ops I see lmao
Well, with this statement, I could also say that Pyro PTs, IO mercs and Virulence Snipers can be ignored, as well. Majority of players that don't know the spec or haven't tried to wrap the head around on trying to use it properly will perform bad but that happens with any class, honestly.