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6.0 Accuracy and Alacrity Values

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6.0 Accuracy and Alacrity Values

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11.03.2019 , 03:26 PM | #1
Hello friends,

I came back to SWTOR with update 6.0 after a loooong time away and I've had a very difficult time finding any kind of a guide or other relevant information. It seems that the folks who used to do these sorts of updates (like Dulfy for example) are long gone now. I also can't find anything like this on the forums either.

As am I getting closer to 306 armor rating on my Lightning Sorcerer I need to know what the new values for alacrity, accuracy and crit I should be aiming for are, specifically how many enhancements of each of the 3 to get to 110% accuracy and whatever is the new alacrity/gcd break point (I've heard its 1.3 sec?) and then crit is easy because everything else will go towards that.

I will be very grateful if anyone could provide this information as well any and all online sources that have current info and regularly updated guides.

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nate_river's Avatar

11.07.2019 , 05:29 AM | #2
You gonna need 1591 accuracy points to get 110.0% (1% from companion, stim, 3 Superior Initiative Enhancements 80, 1 Superior accuracy augment 242 rating).
For alacrity there are two ways:
If you have guild perk for alacrity then for Lighting Spec you gonna need 1070 points. When you get five stacks of Focal Lightning you reach tier 3 of alacrity cap (1.3 GCD). This not working in old Master Mode Operations.

Second way: without guild perk you will need 1895 points of alcarity to reach tier 2 cap (1.4 GCD). With five stacks of Focal Lightning it put you on tier 3 of alacrity cap. This work in old Master Mode Operations.

Whole rest you need to stack in Critical rating. Don't use power crystal, mastery etc just put all remaining points into crit stat.