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Increase Death Field AoE size

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Increase Death Field AoE size

bakuganbrawler's Avatar

10.25.2019 , 10:26 PM | #1
I've been wanting Death Field to have a larger AoE size for years and I cannot understand why they keep it so damn small. When I suggest this, people say it would be "too OP" but it already can hit up to 8 enemies....... just make it actually possible to do so. If you don't want it to be able to hit that many, reduce the AoE target number to like 5 and increase the size. I do not see the point in technically allowing as many targets as other AoEs while also making it so small that you are f**ked if they aren't perfectly stacked. What do you guys think?

EmperorRus's Avatar

10.26.2019 , 01:57 AM | #2
Increase Death Field AoE size

Make it 8m again.

Monterone's Avatar

10.30.2019 , 02:52 PM | #3
I'll second this any day. It was short sighted to make it 5m in the first place, when others have a 5m dot spread that is spammable. The 8m radius and the higher damage was a trade off for a medium length cooldown.
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10.31.2019 , 07:14 PM | #4