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Vengeance / Vigilance Set Bonuses and Tactical Items

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Vengeance / Vigilance Set Bonuses and Tactical Items
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04.17.2019 , 04:29 PM | #11
Tactical Item:

Vengeful Slam (Vigilant Thrust) now has a base damage of 0. For each Bleeding (Burning) effect an enemy has from Draining Scream/Eviscerate/Shatter (Plasma Brand/Burning Blade/Burning Purpose) every second, they gain one stack of Tearing Wounds (Purifying Flames) -a stacking debuff - max 2 per second, max 50 stacks, Debuff falls off after 6 seconds. Whenever an enemy is hit by Vengeful Slam (Vigilant Thrust), they take damage equal to the number of stacks of Tearing Wounds (Purifying Flames) times 500, and the debuff is removed. Additionally, the critical chance of your bleeding (burning) effects is increased by a percentage equal to the number of stacks of Tearing Wounds (Purifying Flames) removed for 10 seconds. Vengeful Slam (Vigilant Thrust) will only spread your Bleeding (Burning) effects to targets without the Tearing Wounds (Purifying Flames) debuff.

The idea of this Tactical item is that it would effectively change how Vengeance/Vigilance is played. Instead of the consistent damage (and slight rage generation) from Vengeful Slam, the player would instead be rewarded for maintaining uptime on DoTs by gaining a very powerful single-hit ability that will also increase the critical chance of those DoTs. Although Vengeful Slam will do overall less damage, it will be able to burst high damage at once and will be made up for by the other abilities taking its place in the rotation.

MuskyBoy's Avatar

04.17.2019 , 05:17 PM | #12
I think a tactical item that gives a speed buff or lowers the CD on mad dash every time they are hit by a RANGED attack to help counter the way snipers can just free cast and kite on Juggs. Given Juggs main way to control ranged is through leap there needs to be a better way to help them somewhat counter snipers. The other way of doing this would be if a Jugg takes 10 attacks from a ranged class (4 ticks from force lightning/blazing bolts/penetrating blasts etc full channel) then Jugg would be able to leap to any target even in cover/entrench up to 35 meters. Or simply every second leap can be done on snipers in cover/entrench.

Mephesh's Avatar

04.18.2019 , 12:02 PM | #13
Idea 1:
Give them Arcann's shield-breaker skill. Replaces Force Jump.

Class fixed.

Basically, you select an small to medium area where you want to jump, then you jump there and knock away any opponent in the AoE circle, breaking Sniper / Slinger entrench and breaking Sorc / Sage bubble.
Minimum Range of 15 and generates rage/focus like Force Jump.

Sandrosw's Avatar

04.18.2019 , 04:05 PM | #14
To keep in line with suggested example:
Vengeful Slam / Vigilant Thrust - generate 1 rage for each target that got dotspread from the Slam (fo in group of 4 mobs, when one has a dot from Shatter for example, the Slam would generate additional 3 rage when it spreads the dot). That would greatly help in AoE situations like when clearing adds to be able to spam Sweeping Slashes more, while it would have no effect on single target rotation (like boss in operation), as there would be nothing that would get the dot spread.
Vengeful Slam / Vigilant Thrust - Increases duration of one's own bleed effects on target by 3 seconds (or one tick). That would be the opposite of the previous suggestion - not really useful in AoE situations, but very useful on single target.

Of course most encounters are boss + occassional adds here and there, so both variants could be useful on most fights, and players could try and optimize switching between those two tactical items.
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Delani's Avatar

04.18.2019 , 06:43 PM | #15
I meant to say, add a block 90% of all incoming attacks as a tactical item

Delani's Avatar

04.18.2019 , 06:44 PM | #16
And perhaps give Guardians and Juggs a force jump ability, that uses force. A jump ability that is not only used when assigned or focused on a target.

varietasplus's Avatar

04.19.2019 , 01:07 AM | #17
First of all, I don't think set bonus or tactical should be differentiated for each discipline, creating balance would be almost impossible. Now, for the real deal for Juggernauts in PVP:

1. Having full resolve bar/decaying white bar, Juggearnaut becomes immune to roots and slows or other movement impairing effects until resolve bar resets. Elaboration: currently too many skills with low CD hinder movement of Juggernauts.

2. Changes Ravage:
- becomes a 3 seconds chanelled skill again with the emblematic animation
- grants the Unstoppable utility for the duration
- doubles current damage
- snares the target and disables all escape skills for the duration

Set bonus 1.:
2-piece: Force Charge has no minimal distance, Obliterate has max distance as Force Charge.
4-piece: Force Charge and Obliterate breaks movements impairing effects (roots, slows, etc.)
6-piece: Reduces the base cooldown of Force Push to 1 minute.

Set bonus 2:
2-piece: Force Choke is not chanelled, Juggernaut can land other attacks to the target over the duration.
4-piece: Force Choke grants the Unstoppable utility for the duration.
6-piece: Slows the target by 50% for 3 seconds after Force Choke effect is over.

Delani's Avatar

04.19.2019 , 11:34 PM | #18
Allow Guardians to have a kick move that knocks the enemy back 5 meters as a tactiful item

Delani's Avatar

04.19.2019 , 11:43 PM | #19
Juggernauts should be able to use an ability similar to Anakin Skywalkers Herioc Might ability in Battlefront 2. This ability is a charge up knock back ability that absorbs 90% of damage while charging up a powerful force 360 degrees aoe knockback ability for 3 seconds.The diameter would be 10 meters within the player, or something similar to this. Allow the Juggs to feel immortal.

Count_Mario's Avatar

04.20.2019 , 10:41 AM | #20
All of Musco's talk about a heavy hitting Chain Lightning would make wish for something like a chained Saber Throw, so the saber would hit several targets next to each other. Or some Upgrade for Force Push to make that skill hit several enemies, since that seems to work for Jedi in The Clone Wars.
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