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Ossus armor switchover

cfcstl's Avatar

01.31.2019 , 06:38 AM | #1
I was wondering what strategy people are using for converting over to ossus armor set pieces with commando? If you have all 7 old set pieces, its obvious to use one new ossus piece, but after two or more, when do you start moving over to the ossus gear?
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ceryxp's Avatar

01.31.2019 , 07:54 AM | #2
I think the general consensus is to keep your old set bonus armorings, you can upgrade the mods and enhancements, until you have at least 6 pieces of the new armor since the set bonuses aren't working together. That bug will hopefully be fixed with patch 5.10.1, which we should be seeing soon (the last refresh of patch 5.10.1 on the PTS went up on the 24th and they put up the announcement for the end of Season 10 yesterday, which will end with 5.10.1).
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cfcstl's Avatar

01.31.2019 , 03:04 PM | #3
Thats good to know. I thought it was intended to be this way, didn't know it is a bug with the set pieces.
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