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HM Operation Gear Requirements

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02.25.2020 , 09:41 AM | #1
Hey there,

So we have a progression group getting ready to tackle some old HM stuff before tackling old NiM and then into the newer stuff. We're all maxxed out on gear(because we plan to do MM, so we're taking it a little more serious) However for some other guildies that are still gearing, what is the Baseline Gear level for HM operations? I assume having a set bonus is required and at least 300? I was kicked out of a raid a month and a half ago because I was 270 on a HM EV(we thought it was story mode tbf). So I would just like to inform my guildies what the magic number is.

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02.25.2020 , 11:06 AM | #2
306 without any set bonus will get you the boost stacks.

Once one char has 306 all your chars can use that set. Weapons are a little more fiddly.

Should be able to sort out a generic 306 set within a week from any state assuming max level.

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02.26.2020 , 02:35 AM | #3
I would say it depends also on a class and experience - the difference between 300 and 306 gear will not hold you back much. Since it seems you will all be new to the operation on this mode, you will most likely die because of mechanics done incorrectly - and gear will not help you with it, so no need to sweat it. The gear helps and allows for more mistakes, which is great for learning, but if for example your group messes up and goes to wrong portals on Dread Master Calphayus, stands inside Reaches of Brontes or heals tank with Force Leech on Dread Guards, no amount of gear will save you there.

I would say that for a new group to HM opses a tactical item is needed (except maybe for sorc healers, since they don' t really have any that would make a noticeable impact) as it is relatively easy to get and helps a lot. Set bonus would be great, most of the sets will noticeably increase your dps, healing or survability by a large margin (often more than 10% increase compared to no set bonus). For item rating - obviously 306 is best, but the gear works in a way that you get a Veteran' s Edge stacks for the higher gear levels (up to 30 on item level 306). Each stack gives you about 1% more bonus damage, healing and health (not sure about if it also gives damage reduction?). For new HM group I would say any gear rating that gives you over 20 stacks is really good, 30 is obviously best, but again - it is not something that will make or break the run. I would focus more on getting all the gear augmented (with the old grade 10 purple augments or blue grade 11 augments - no need to use the expensive new grade 11 purple augments, those are NOT needed for old HMs). All the augments should add - depending on role - critical, alacrity, accuracy, shield or absorb. Do not use the ones with mastery, power, defense - they are no good in old HMs. Augments will add like 1400 tertiary stats, which is a lot. And lastly, for HMs you do not need to have any good amplifiers - obviously they help, but are not needed there (they will be needed in master mode, same as new augments, but not in HM).

If you have players that are still gearing, you can help them a bit by organizing a few FPs or SM ops runs where other people are 306 geared (or at least one person is) and when a set item drops from a boss (any item) then only those in 306 need on it - this way they will get it, the item will be filled by 304 - 306 mods inside, but is tradeable to a group member (who can either equip and use it, or pull out the mod, armoring, enhancement to insert it to his gear). It is especially helpful when the person you are helping is still in low item gear rating, because such item can bump them up a few item levels and they will start to get better gear drops for all other slots.

Obviously for nim content there is much more min/maxing, but for starting to run the HMs this is enough to be able to pass all the dps and heal checks and for tanks survive the unavoidable boss damage. I would even say that having a worse gear will actually prepare you better for nim content. So if you have some players that are nice and fun to run content with and are skilled (or willing to learn) and the only thing they lack is gear, there is no need to wait too long until they get in full 306 set - it is better to start running with them the easiest HMs (EV, KP) and pass on the gear that drops using the system above (only 306 people need on it and trade it to lower geared players).
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02.26.2020 , 12:52 PM | #4
Thank you for the reply! I did not know that about the Veteran's Edge (not that I was trying to understand it) but I thought it worked in the reverse order. That's awesome. Thank you for all the useful info, we're going to put it to good use in getting some of our less geared guys and gals up and running.

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02.28.2020 , 11:33 AM | #5
Better gear is always... er, better. You may be able to get away with older OPs with lesser gear, with it just taking longer.
But for your ultimate goal, and since it's easy enough to get, I'd recommend full 306 with an appropriate bonus set and at least Mk.10 level augments.
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